10 Bits In Games That Are Always Awesome

Halo is always talked about as having 30 seconds of fun repeated over and over again. Except for the library. But there are always things in games that are always fun or awesome, no matter what game they are in. Maybe developers would like to take note and just include our following list in their next game. Even if the game is crap, at least it’ll have 10 bits in it that are awesome.

1. Finding The Chainsaw. Our first memory of chainsaw in a game is the legendary Doom. You find it and oh my, you don’t care that the beasts of hell are in your face as you chop through them, blood flying everywhere. Then there is Left 4 Dead 2 with it’s chainsaw, who cares about zombies when you can run through the horde with a chainsaw. In fact we can’t think of one game where the chainsaw wasn’t the most fun thing ever.

doom 2 chainsaw

2. Massive Jumps in Racing Games. From wipeout, to Sega Rally. Jumps in racing games are always fun, the higher and more out of control the better. Wipeout is well known for it’s huge jumps and the sense of thrill you get from landing them. F-zero’s are even bigger with you having to ‘glide’ your craft to the other side. Do you tip your nose down for more speed but risk missing the track or nose up to glide over to a safe area. But they also have other positives too, like using the lighting bolt on Wario Stadium in Mario Kart 64 just before your friend is about to go over the jump.

3. Deliberate highest points of the map. Crackdown first brought this to our attention. The tallest building in the game in the middle of the world. You can see it from all over but you don’t think you can climb it. You’re wrong. You can, it’s tough but you can and there is even an achievement in it. But we also have to mention Carmageddon 2. We just loved going onto the top of a building, finding an old granny up there and slowly pushing her off the edge to her death. Before the car rolled off the edge and landed on top of her.

4. Announcers. Some announcers can be very annoying, like in Burnout 3. Others like in Ridge Racer or Killer Instinct are so much fun. Coooooommmmmbbbbooooo they shout at the top of their lungs. They get impressed by your driving and feel the need to tell you. We love you Mr announcer men and if you are still on the fence, who hates the Halo announcer? Team Slayer indeed.

mgs 2 hold up
5. Following an enemy guard silently before shooting them in the back of their head. We love idiot enemys. Following them for hours like a stalker. Running from cover to cover so they don’t see us before finally, in front of all their friends just putting a quick one in the back of their skull. That’ll teach them to be idiots.

6. Gory Deaths. Gibs, we love gibs. Actually you probably think by now we are a bit sick in the head. But seeing your enemy explode in a shower of limbs and blood. Hmm, we’re off to play quake in a bit i think.

7. Getting a Tetris. What’s a Tetris you ask? It’s when you clear 5 lines in one go using that long piece you always want. Leaving that empty space there, just waiting for a long piece to fill the gap.

8. Seeeeggggaaaa. No, not the company. They are awesome, well sometimes. Anyways when you put on Sonic and you hear the little Seeeegggaaaa jingle. You don’t know if you are in for a good time, all you know is you are playing a classic Sega game.

Sonic waiting
9. Idle animations. Remember when Sonic, if left alone, would tap his foot. Impatient at standing around and not zooming off the screen? Or Mickey Mouse reaching into the screen and tapping on the glass? Or Mario falling asleep? Idle animations don’t add anything to the gameplay but seeing new ones is awesome.

10. Plugging in a cartridge. CDs and DVDs are dull. You push a button, a tray pops out, put your dvd on it and off it goes. Now get a Mega Drive or Snes cartridge and put it in the console. It has weight, its clunky, it clicks. It’s an experience and it’s before you’ve even turned the game on.