48 Hour Gameathon For Special Effect Charity

One of our contributors is hosting a 48 hour Gameathon in aide of the charity Special Effect and we thought you, our loyal readers would love to know what this is and actually check it out as well!
You can catch the full live stream at www.twitch.tv/boldelf at 12PM (GMT) Friday 18th April 2014 till the Sunday.

So without further-a-do heres Dan to tell you what its all about and why you should join in!

My name is Daniel Fairs I’m a Games artist from Derbyshire.

I’m writing this to help you all understand a bit about me and why I am doing this event.
On the 18th of April me and My Friend Jordan will be playing Starcraft 2 for 48 hours in aide of the Charity
Special Effect
. A charity that helps disabled gamers actually play all the games we love.

I have been into games since I can remember the earliest being when I was 3 years old playing sonic the hedgehog on my Sega Megadrive. I have been a huge gamer ever since. I find games are an amazing thing they allow you to play with your friends or on your own and experience amazing stories, puzzles or just have fun.

When I was in school I had a rough time most of the time thankfully I had a few good friends and a very supportive family which helped but A big help along with that were games. When I had a hard day it allowed me to escape.

I didn’t have to be me I could be a hero, A villain, A general in command of vast army’s what ever I was into. That is why I think Special Effect is an amazing charity. They allow people with disabilities experience what I and most people take for granted and I think allowing people who otherwise would be unable to play and experience being the hero or being what ever they want to be is an amazing thing. Which is why I have chosen to play for 48 hours to raise what ever I can and help them continue there efforts and allow more people with disabilities experience the games I can play every day.

I have chosen Starcraft 2 as I have always been a fan of strategy games and ever since I saw the Zerg in the PC Demo of Starcraft 1 I was hooked and the last year or so have really got into it and hope to get to a competitive level so I thought it would be best to show others a game that I love for a cause that I admire.

I hope after reading this you take the time to like the event on facebook, spread the word about the event, join us during the stream and hopefully donate to such a good cause.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully I will see a lot of you in the stream chat on the 18th!

You can catch the full live stream at www.twitch.tv/boldelf at 12PM (GMT) Friday 18th April 2014 till the Sunday.

Donate to the cause with all proceeds going directly to the charity here.

Join the facebook page here.