5 NES Casino Games

American Video released this unofficial NES game in 1992. Being unoffial its hard to get a hold of and was not widely released. The game features blackjack and allows you to deal from 1-3 card decks. This is simply black jack, there is no end game wether you win or lose but its a lot of fun. Want to play real Blackjack?

Casino Kid II
Released in 1993 by Sofel, A mystery person has organized an International Gambling Competition. Casino Kid has been challenged by this mystery person. Before Casino Kid can play against this mystery person, he will have to travel through out the world and beat the best gamblers in the world. Play blackjack, poker, and roulette against the best in CASINO KID II.

Caesar’s Palace
Release by Virgin Games in 1992, Caesar’s Palace allows you to play in…well, Caesar’s Palace casino. Wander around an 8 Bit version of the casino and play poker, roulette, or slot machines. You bet and win chips and then exchange them for money whenever you like. You use the controller like a mouse to move a cursor and everything is viewed from a first person perspective.

Hot Slots
Another unofficial release this time by Panesian in 92. Hot slots is just like regular slots, except that it’s a bit naughty. This is one of three ‘adult’ titles for the NES by Panesian which include Bubble Bath Babes and Peek-A-Boo Poker. Panesian games are among the hardest NES games to find. Due to their adult nature, along with the fact that they were not lincensed by Nintendo, sales and distrubition were very low.

Vegas Dream
Released by Hal (not the same ones who make Kirby) in 1990, Vegas Dreams allows the player to spend up to 700 virtual dollars on four games: keno, blackjack, roulette or slot machines. Between rounds of play at the normal casino games, there were randomly occurring social interactions. These social interactions were really compulsory slot machine games with random results: sometimes the unidentified man is a pickpocket, other times he will reward you for your kindness down the road. Want to live your own vegas dream?