50 Games you must play before you die…

Each week or so we’ll be posting a game you have to play before you die.

A bit like them crap TV shows….only with less pointless celebs and Jimmy Carr. So what’s the point of all this? We love games and sometimes it’s hard to think of games you need to play. When we say need, we don’t mean they are the best the genre has to offer. They may be great fun, may have an awesome set piece, may have changed gaming or may be really crap.

We also just like putting our enthusiasm onto page and hoping others feel the same. This list isn’t the be all and end all however. Out of the thousands of games out there (and growing by the second) it’s impossible to list all the games you must play. So we’ve picked 50 (which wasn’t easy) to get you started.

After you have read our game of the week, go and play it and leave your comments. Maybe you’ll agree with us, maybe you won’t but it will be fun joining in.