Casually Hardcore reaches a wide range of gamers, geeks and technology loving audiences. Casually Hardcore sells it’s own unique range of Gamer and Video Game clothing as well as becoming a resource for gamers to help them better their techniques, learn about new games and become a part of the video games industry.

Casually Hardcore can host your display ad and video campaigns. To receive more information about our advertiser solutions including advertising rates from single banners to site wide skinning or for a customized campaign, please click here to contact us directly. A Casually Hardcore Advertising representative will contact you shortly.

Sending Stuff

If there is anything you’d like to send us to review, feature or just because you think we’d like it then please contact us here and we’ll let you know where to send it to and what we can do with it.

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Looking to reach an audience of heavy spending, enthusiastic gamers who are crazy about the latest videos games and geek scene?

Casually Hardcore reaches a wide range of gamers and geek loving audiences. Casually Hardcore sells it’s own unique range of video game and geek clothing as well as becoming a resource for gamerss to help them better their techniques, learn about new video games and find out more about the video games industry. With rapidly increasing readership and visitor loyalty, our reach surpasses traditional print media and at much lower rates.

Ad Rates & Terms

A no nonsense simple approach to advertising. Our advertising is sold by the calendar month at a fixed rate, no need to worry about your advert running out of paid impressions half way through the month.
We don’t rotate adverts, you buy a position and are guaranteed to find your advert there for the whole month.
Minimum length of booking: One calendar Month
10% discount for bookings of three or more months (15% for six months when paid in advance)

Prices of individual adverts:

Leaderboard-Above site (728×90): £229/month
Leaderboard-In Header (468×90): £190/month
Leaderboard-Above Products Only (728×90): £170/month
Right-hand side ad panel (335×280): £160/month
Lower skyscraper (120×600): £110/month
Mid-article (468×60): £130/month
Bottom of articles (468×60): £90/month
Under comment reply box (468×60): £60/month
Site Takeover: Email for Quote
Featured News Article : £30/month

We’re committed to working with you to ensure your adverts and products are present how you expect on our site to maximise success. We are as enthusiastic about video games and geek culture as you.

How to book your ad

Please contact us with your request. We’ll work with you to make sure your needs are catered for and your ad could be live within 48 hours!

Payment is via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer in advance, and invoicing is online. Please read our Creative Ad guidelines below before submission. If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact us. All adverts are subject to approval.

Creative Ad Guidelines

These guidelines will help ensure your ad is submitted right the first time so it can be added to our site quickly.

Advert Type / Dimension / Files Size

Leaderboard-Above site / 728×90 / 70k
Leaderboard-In Header / 468×90 / 60k
Leaderboard-Above Products Only / 728×90 / 70k
Right-hand side ad panel / 335×280 /60k
Lower skyscraper / 120×600 /70k
Mid-article / 468×60 / 60k
Bottom of articles / 468×60 / 60k
Under comment reply box / 468×60 / 60k
Featured News Article / Text / N/A

Accepted Formats:
GIF, Animated GIF, JPG, Flash.
All must be RGB and 72dpi

Please specify the url the banner should link to.

Flash advertisments must be the final export flash file (SWF). The SWF must not be no more than 60k in size. Flash animations may not contain music or sound effects. All text used must be converted to shapes prior to submitting. Linking to a website is the only allowed interactivity.