Revisiting The Dreamcast


I picked up a brand new Dreamcast earlier today and i've just spent the last hour revisiting it. IMO, it really is one … [Read more...]

Is Halo Really That Amazing?


It's been nearly 9 years and 4 sequels since Halo first launched. With the launch of Halo Reach everyone has been going … [Read more...]

Video Game Posters – Series One


We hinted last year about some new excitying things coming to Casually Hardcore. As well as our growing range of Gamer … [Read more...]

Dave Perry Interview – GamesMaster


We managed to get an exclusive interview with the Games Animal himself, Mr Dave Perry. Not to be confused with David … [Read more...]

Top Ten Best PlayStation (PSX) Games To Buy


Following on from the success of our Dreamcast feature on it's top ten best games to buy comes our PlayStation (PSX) … [Read more...]

Exclusive Yuji Naka NiGHTS Interview

nights into dreams

The folks over at were lucky enough to get an exclusive into view with Yuji Naka, all about NiGHTS. … [Read more...]

The Ten Best Dreamcast Games To Buy


It's pretty easy to find a list of the top 10 Dreamcast games or some similar scale but what games should go into that … [Read more...]

Mario 64 Completed with 16 Stars in 16 Minutes Speed Run

This is impressive. Mario 64 completed with just 16 stars in 16 minutes. There is a whole host of glitches used in this … [Read more...]

NTSC-UK Join Our Affiliate Program

NTSC-UK are the first to join our brand spanking new affiliate program. Our affiliate program allows anyone with a … [Read more...]

New Apple iphone 4G Pictures & Video

It seems Apple lost an iPhone. The new 2010 Apple iPhone. Someone has found it and posted up videos and pictures. … [Read more...]

Pixels – An awesome short film

New York invasion by 8-bits creatures ! PIXELS is Patrick Jean' latest short film, shot on location in New York. Pixels … [Read more...]

Competition: Win a Gamer Shirt!

We've teamed up with the fine folks at to give you the chance to win a $50 gift voucher to spend at … [Read more...]

No.3 Rebel FM Podcast

Rebel FM is hosted by Anthony Gallegos (ex 1up, now at Gamespy), Arthur Gies (flatmate but now at Team Xbox) and Tyler … [Read more...]

No.2 Dark Zero Podcast

The Dark Zero podcast is a british based gaming podcast. Featuring a regular cast of 5 guys you can expect a relaxed … [Read more...]

No.1 The Geekbox – Podcasts to check out

Every week, or when we can remember we'll tell you about a gaming podcast you need to check out if it's not already on … [Read more...]

Thank you for 2009 & ordering over the holidays.

No new designs this week due to the holidays, but we'll have some awesome new designs at the start of 2010. Orders will … [Read more...]

Welcome To The New Look Casually Hardcore

Welcome to our brand new look. You'll find all the Gamer T-Shirts that you loved before in a much better site. You can … [Read more...]

Garnett Lee leaves 1UP and Joins GameFly

We've just heard that Garnett Lee of 1up fame has accepted a job as the editorial director of GameFly media. What this … [Read more...]

Metal Drive – Video Game Music Cover Band

We've just had  brought to our attention the awesome musical stylings of a band called Metal Driver- … [Read more...]

Interview at Gamestyle + win a $30 voucher from us!

Check out Gamestyles Interview with us and get the chance to win $30 from us too.To be in with a chance check out … [Read more...]