Midway Newcastle Closed Today

Word comes from us from sources inside Midway Newcastle that the studio has closed.Midway Newcastle, developers of … [Read more...]

Have you heard of Geekbox.net?

Have you head of Geekbox.net? They are a little podcast created by some of the guys and girls behind EGM. Hosted by Ryan … [Read more...]

Michael Jackon Music In Sonic 3


Michael Jackson sadly passed away this last week but was no stranger to video games. Apart from owning a huge amount he … [Read more...]

This is Joypod Announce new shows!

This guys over at This Is Joypod have announced the next 4 weeks worth of shows. You can check them out every Tuesday … [Read more...]

Necessary Force – New game by Wheelman devs

Our good friends over at Midway Newcastle have announced their next game Necessary Force...but with a twist.The … [Read more...]

Free Video Game Wallpapers / Desktop Backgrounds

We've updated our FREE Video Games Wallpaper Page. Quicker than ever we'll be adding even more new content to it over … [Read more...]

Sega Accidentally Announce Jambo Safari for Wii & DS

Sega today gave away their plans to release Jambo Safari for the Wii and DS. A link on their UK based website gives us … [Read more...]

100 Worst Video Game Box Art Covers

You've seen the top 100 games, top 100 worse game and a whole bunch of other top 100's. But have you seen the Top 100 … [Read more...]

Duke Nukem Forever…Never

Word is spreading that 3D Realms is dead. Developers of Duke Nukem 3D and Pray.  But something more sinister is being … [Read more...]

Cafepress upsets 6 million shop keepers

Whilst not gaming news, being a clothing website this has been brought to our attention. Cafepress, one of the largest … [Read more...]

Awesome Video Game Wallpapers

Casually Hardcore has a wide range of Video Game Wallpapers we've collected and posted for you to use.However we've … [Read more...]

This Is Joypod Store Now Open!

The This Is Joypod store is now open for business. Support these guys by buying one of their fabulous shirts, Michael … [Read more...]

Metal Gear Solid 5 To Be Announced Next Month?

From the Official PlayStation magazine comes this juicy rumour. Konami are all set to announce another Metal Gear Solid … [Read more...]

Mini Review – Pikmin Wii

Pikmin Wii is a re-release of sorts for the Nintendo Wii. The 2001 Gamecube classic has made it's way onto the Wii with … [Read more...]

Headstrong Dev Speaks Out about HOTD:O


A developer at Headstrong Games has been answering questions about House Of The Dead: Overkill at the Something Awful … [Read more...]

Mini Review: House Of The Dead Overkill – Wii

House Of The Dead: Overkill On booting the game you are presented with a glorious grind house style intro. Grainy image … [Read more...]

No.4 – Ouendan / Elite Beat Agents

System - Nintendo DS Release - 2005 Japanese Name - Ouendan Genre - Music Rhythm Rating - EveryoneOuendan is a … [Read more...]

WIN! A Free T-Shirt From Casually Hardcore Via Gamespot UK Podcast

Have we got a treat for you. Thanks to our friends over at the Gamespot UK Podcast we've got FIVE T-Shirts to give away … [Read more...]

Eat Cuts Madden…Developers

Madden NFL, Tiger Woods and NCAA Football games developer EA Tiburon has confirmed that a number of employees have been … [Read more...]

Ready At Dawn Hiring

Ready At Dawn HiringWith every games company seamingly going bust right now, it's nice to hear of someone hiring for … [Read more...]