Twitter The Games Industry

Last week Sam Houston's list of games industry twitter accounts got a lot of exposure. So much so, he's launched a site … [Read more...]

1up bought by UGO, mass sackings

We're sure you have already heard the news, so a very quick post all the guys at 1Up, wishing them the best of the luck … [Read more...]

Factor 5 Dead too?

Word on the grape vine is that Factor 5 have gone under now too. Makers of Star Wars Rouge Leader...sorry Rogue … [Read more...]

*update*What is Pumpkin Beach?

News just in. It seems that whilst Doak reportedly "officially" left the company (Free Radical Design) early this month, … [Read more...]

Free Radical Design Shit down – All staff laid off

Well this has come out of the blue. FRD, the creators of the Time Splitters series have shut their doors it seems. Staff … [Read more...]

Video Game Calendar

We've searched high and low for a good video game calendar. In fact we couldn't find a bad one, so we've decided to make … [Read more...]

(Safe for work) Look away now if you don’t like ripped scrotums

Blitz: The League II might sound like any other non EA NFL game. But it's got one added difference. Take the normal game … [Read more...]

Shenmue 3 – Sega wants your toy capsules

Actually they don't. But if you want Shenmue 3 it's what you are going to have to do. The guys over at The Shenmue … [Read more...]

Action Rhythm Timeline

Most genres started in the pre 8bit days. But some started a bit later. Take the Rhythm action games for example. … [Read more...]

Mirror’s Edge 2D – Flash Game

Mirror's edge is out any day now...well for anyone not in the US. But enjoy this Flash based version.It's only a … [Read more...]

Games that you never knew existed…

We're sure you've heard about games that you never knew existed before...But that means you knew they existed. We're … [Read more...]

Stealth Mode? All Guns Blazing? Run For Da Chopper? – T-Shirt

How will you infiltrate the base? Stealth mode? Put on that stealth camouflage and sneak your way in. All guns blazing? … [Read more...]

Activision Don’t Care About You

Want to know why Activision didn't keep hold of a games like Ghostbusters during their merger?During today’s … [Read more...]

Grim Fandango Design Doc Available For Download

Click the link above to download the original 72 Page Game Design Document. Giving you a real insight into how games are … [Read more...]

Get The New NXE Xbox 360 Dashboard now!

Can't wait till November 19th for the new dash? Then grab it now from the link below. Be warned though, your xbox won't … [Read more...]

No.2 – Toy Commander


System - Dreamcast Release - 1999 Japanese Name - Toy Ranger Genre - Action Rating - EveryoneUnless you was … [Read more...]

Shenmue & Yu Suzuki Game Developers Conference Videos


Shenmue. If you have ever played this series and enjoyed it, then you no doubt want to know every single little detail … [Read more...]

Nintendo VS The Homebrew Channel

If you haven't turned on your Wii over the last few days, there is a small update. Related to the shop mainly but it … [Read more...]

World Of Goo


You've probably heard about this game and passed it off as some kind of strange flash based thing not worth bothering … [Read more...]

Flash Portal

So today we've been playing Portal, the flash version. With news that Portal: Staying Alive has just come out on XBLA … [Read more...]