Can girls be gamers

We get a lot of people asking if girls can be gamers. As a girl gamer its easy for me to say yes girls can be gamers but why do people still ask if girls can play video games? Thats like asking if women can drive, or vote. Gaming has always been seen as a male passtime, maybe because men are more interested in technology, maybe because of early marketing of games.

If you look at early game marketing towards girl gamers it was horribly stereotypical. Girls like cooking and babies so lets make games about them and sell them to girl that way, but thats not what we wanted. We like romantic comedies but we also like watching robots smashing each other to pieces. Ironman, Batman and Transformers could all be considered for boys with their toys but us girls enjoy those types of films just as much!

Gaming companies have recently started realising we like all sorts of games just as much as guys. We love to play New Super Mario Bros 2 as well as games like Nintendogs. A recent study actually showed 51% of mobile gamers are actually female, thats more than you boys!

Of course girls can be gamers. Thats like asking if women can vote, drive cars or be seen out of the kitchen. There is nothing wrong with girls being gamers, in fact every day more and more girls are playing video games. No longer is it limited to playing The Sims or Final Fantasy 7, girl gamers can be seen playing Farm Ville, Batman Arkam Asylum or Modern Warfare 3.

Girl gamers don’t have to be tomboyish either, pretty or ugly, fat or thin, girls don’t have to fall into a stereotype to play games. So if you are a girl gamer don’t worry about what other think, its okay to play games and be who you want to be.

You may have heard of the Frag Dolls, a team of girls employed by UBI Soft to show that girls play games too and whilst you may think these pretty girls are paid to talk about games they also play them in their spare time because they enjoy it. You may think they are just part of the marketing machine but these girls were not manufactored, they were picked because they enjoyed games first and to promote secondly.

So yes girls can be gamers, they are no different to anyone else and you may even find they are much better than you, so keep the girl trash talking down before you’re shown up.