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Sonic Ass game? What does that even mean, this was the original code name for Crash Bandicoot when Naughty Dog (who … [Read more...]

Retro Gaming Night:...


You gotta do what? I gotta believe! If you don't know that phrase you soon will because this is Parappa The Rapper! In … [Read more...]

Retro Gaming Night:...


3D platformers don't really exist now besides the awesome Super Mario 3D World but back in the N64 days they were hugely … [Read more...]

Retro Gaming Night:...


In this episode of Retro Gaming Night we Die Hard with John Mclane in Die Hard Trilogy for the PlayStation. This is one … [Read more...]

Retro Gaming Night:...


If you love playing Mario Kart then you will want to find out about Mario Kart 64 as theres a good chance you've never … [Read more...]

Retro Gaming Night:...


Sega captured a load of monkeys and put them into balls. How cute. In this episode of Retro Gaming Night we check out … [Read more...]

Retro Gaming Night:...


By now you should know what Retro Gaming Night is. Each night we take a game, play it, and show you why its amazing and … [Read more...]

Retro Gaming Night:...


In this episode of retro gaming night we play Halo: Combat Evolved. Silly title, the combat evolved bit but that doesn't … [Read more...]

Retro Gaming Night:...


Welcome to a brand new video game series called Retro Gaming Night. Each night we'll be playing a new game and showing … [Read more...]

Retro Gaming Night:...


Welcome to a brand new video game series called Retro Gaming Night. Each night we'll be playing a new game and showing … [Read more...]

How to Upgrade Your...


Congratulations, you've either just bought a Nintendo 3DS or you've owned one for a while and just found out after … [Read more...]

Microsoft Should No...


Backwards compatibility is more important than ever and whilst you may not agree now by the end of this article … [Read more...]

We miss 1 Vs 100 &#...


1 Vs 100 is not only a hit TV show but for a short while it was available on XBLA and allowed you to participate with … [Read more...]

Can girls be gamers


We get a lot of people asking if girls can be gamers. As a girl gamer its easy for me to say yes girls can be gamers but … [Read more...]

Total Immersion


Total immersion gaming is a long standing milestone for the video game industry. The idea where you almost can't tell … [Read more...]

The Kickstarter vid...


So in the last 6 months Kickstarter’s popularity has skyrocketed and made it a household name, (well in my house … [Read more...]

Video Games Lol Com...


In a realm of photo-realistic FPS's, epic MMORPG's & dark Indie thrillers winning the wallets of gamers, there has … [Read more...]

Does the hardcore g...


This week I came across a video in which a guy beats the original Zelda: Ocarina of Time in under thirty … [Read more...]

Are Games too compl...


If you read my last post you already know that I'm a bit of a newbie gamer.  I went from being pretty much entirely … [Read more...]

Not Your Average Ga...


For most of the gamers I know, gaming has been part of their lives for as long as they can remember.  They grew up with … [Read more...]