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Create Your Own Geek T-Shirts

Ever wanted to make your own video game or geek t-shirts? Well now you can with our T-Shirt Designer. Gift ideas have also never been easier with a huge range of options. Choose from over 100 products to design – T-shirts, personalised hoodies, accessories and more! It’s super easy – with just five simple steps:

1. Choose a t-shirt

Or another product, but we love t-shirts. Click on Choose Product in the top left corner of the T-Shirt Designer. Pick the item you like best or use the Select Category button to sort products by gender, age, brand and accessories. Having found the right t-shirt or other product, you can then choose size and colour before you continue to create your own awesome gift!

2. Now add a design

Click on Choose Design button in the top left corner of the T-Shirt Designer to add designs. First you will see all of the awesome designs we sell to add to your t-shirt. But if you want to find something we haven’t made you can use the search bar to help you find what you are looking for or browse different categories. Now personalise your t-shirt by moving, enlarging or shrinking the design you have picked.

3. Upload your Own Designs or Images

Upload a photo or graphic file and personalise your t-shirt with your design. Just click Upload Photo and follow the instructions. As soon as its been uploaded you’ll be able to move it, change its size and then print it on your shirt.

4. Now Add Some Text

Don’t want to add a design or want to add some text to it? Well now you can add your own text or slogan! Click the Add Custom Text and write anything you like on your t-shirt. You can customise the text size and move the text to a different position. Your first awesome shirt is nearly done!

5. Now Add Some Text

Nearly there, just hit that the Add To Basket button and your t-shirt will be ready to be printed and sent on its way to you.