daytona usa xbla psn review

Daytona USA XBLA Quick Review

DAAYYY-TOOONNN-AAAAAA. Come along and sing it with us. Daytona came out in the Arcades in 1994, so amazing is the game that you can often find cabinets in the few remaining arcades today. Even its Model 3 sequel, Daytona 2 couldn’t push it out of arcades.

Its Daytona, finally in Arcade perfect form in the home. Over the years Sega have tried to bring us this arcade classic to the home on the Saturn and the Dreamcast. But each one had its own problems, the original Saturn version handeled great but had more popup than a push pop. The updated sequel called Daytona CCE had lovely graphics on the saturn but messed about with the controls. Finally we had Daytona 2001 on the Dreamcast which looked wonderful but again had poor controls.

But finally Sega have delivered Daytona into the home just as it always should have been, with a few tweaks along the way. First of all, the popup is all but gone, secondly we can now play it in HD resolutions. Graphically the car models and track are the same as the 94 originals which is no bad thing as they are all part of the charm. We can’t not mention the music and sound effects either, they are just as cheesy and loud as you remember and you can now also sing along in karaoke mode. You’ve also got a bunch of extra features on top of the arcade original gameplay such as challenge modes, being able to rewind a race if you screw up and online score boards. Oh and one final little thing, 8 player online multiplayer! Finally with pretty much every good arcade shut down for good we can play 8 Player Daytona online, with CPU cars on the tracks too. It works surprisingly well with little to no lag and feels very much like the arcade experience. Whilst Daytona USA isn’t the deepest racer in the world, it provides perfect arcade thrills with controls and tracks that are easy to use but hard to master.

Sega have done what most people thought they wouldn’t be able to pull off and that is Arcade perfect Daytona USA in the home. Don’t even try the demo, buy it instantly, you wont be disappointed if you played arcade Daytona back in the day. If you never played Daytona be sure to check it out, its pure arcade thrills and even though it is over 15 years old it plays just as well today as it did back then. Even the graphics hold up well surprisingly with their pure blue skies look.