Discs Like New Review

Discs Like New are a new company who can repair your DVD’s and more importantly your games. If you’re a retro collector you will already know the pain of picking up second hand PSone, Xbox and Ps2 games only to find they are scratched. Even if you are not a retro collector you probably have a number of scratched discs either after lending to careless friends and family or due to accidents.

Most of the time a scratched disc isn’t the end of the world but as games get ever more complex a scratched disc can cause levels to fail to load or music and speech to skip. This is where Discs Like New come in.

Discs Like New offered us the chance to try out their service to see how it compared to the high street stores. Game, GameStation, CEX etc all offer disc repair services for a couple of quid. You can even buy products like Disc Doctor to do it yourself. However the results are generally hit and miss and often leave the disc looking worse than when you took it in.

So what makes Discs Like New any different? The main thing is the quality in your disc you recieve back. Here is a picture of a scratched DVD before we sent it to Discs Like New. As you can see it’s scratched and resulted in the video playback becoming jumbled, causing the disc to skip and sometimes even freezing.

Discs Like New let us know our account was set up and that an envelope was on it’s way to us. They sent us a self addressed return envelope meaning we didn’t have to queue up at the post office or find our own packing materials. You are advised to gain a proof of postage receipt to ensure your disc is insured in the post but it’s not necessary for the disc to arrive back at Discs Like New.

A few days after we posted off our disc it came straight back in a plastic cd envelope with a smooth plastic disc to protect the disc even further. This was all placed inside a solid cardboard envelope. So what are the results. As you can see in the picture the disc really does look like new. As mentioned before you can use disc repair services on the high street which often show they have been repaired but this disc was as good as a brand new copy. Everyone we showed it too couldn’t tell it had been repaired.

We were extremely impressed with the service and certainly the results. No longer will we have to put up with old scratched games when we can make them look like the day we bought them.

There are some limits to the service. Deep scratches might not be repairable if it damages the metallic layer of the disc and any scratches or damage to the top side (normally where they print the film/game logo etc) can’t be repaired for obvious reasons. However they can repair Blu Rays, every type of DVD and CD disc out there. The only thing that can’t currently be repaired at Gamecube discs.

Using the latest, state of the art disc repair machines from ELM Digitalia, Discs Like New repair your discs into brand new condition so please do check them out and we’re sure your results will match our own. Don’t chuck your scratched discs away when they can be repaired cheaply at Discs Like New!