Do people grow out of video games?

You never will grow out of video games and neither can you help someone to grow out of them. When you was 14 you may have played video games for hours a day and now you can barely get 20 minutes play time a week. You haven’t grown out of it, just other things got in the way. Your passion may have waned too but that doesn’t mean you have grown out of it. Everyone in their life has a few years were they are addicted to something, be it games, films, world of war craft, drinking etc.

If you’re with someone and you hate their video game passion and hope they grow out of it i wouldn’t hold your breath. People of all ages play video games, its no longer just for kids. Games just like films are made for all ages with some games made for everyone, others solely for kids and again others for just adults.

Instead of hoping they grow out of video games why don’t you find out more about what they are into. Take an interest in playing video games with them or just watch. Some games have amazing stories if you’d rather watch than just play and who knows you might even have some fun too.

But if you are getting older and are playing games less don’t think you are growing out of video games. You’re not, you’ve just found other things to occupy your time, be that having a family, a job or other hobbies. Just enjoy playing games and don’t worry about growing out of them, they’ll always be a part of your life some how.