Games that you never knew existed…

We’re sure you’ve heard about games that you never knew existed before…

But that means you knew they existed. We’re not about to retread old threads and forum posts but we are going to tell you about a few games you have NEVER heard or seen of before. Working within the games industry does have it’s benefits when finding out about this stuff, so hopefully we can offer something you haven’t heard before.

This won’t be a series of posts, more like random one off’s as we chat to some of our old friends but we will start with NFL Blitz 99 on the Sega Dreamcast.

Not the most glamorise of starts but what the hell. Our good friends over at SegaGaGaDomain have managed to unearth this find. NFL Blitz 2000 actually came out on the Dreamcast, but the 99 version was actually ported to it before the Dreamcasts launch.

The arcade code was converted directly to the Dreamcast with no changes at all. You can’t save the game, button icons are wrong and there is only the single arcade mode to play. This 5 minute video goes through the games attract sequence with no problems at all.

So why was this even made? It looks like a proof of concept for Midway to port over their other arcade games such as Hydro Thunder (remember that?)/ According to SegaGaGaDomain, only 12 GD-Roms of this were created and it has never been dumped or ripped before.

We suggest you check out the video on the site and enjoy the cheeky Black Belt nod at the end of the video.

Source – SegaGaGaDomain