Gears Of War 3 Review

If you’ve never played a Gears of War game we suggest picking up the original and giving it a go. Its cheap as chips and whilst the story is of little consequence it’ll let you appreciate Gears of War 3 a lot more.

The boys are back with a few girlies to help out this time. If you’ve played Gear of War 1 and 2 you know exactly what to expect from 3, more bros, more explosions and an emotional storyline that has more humour in it than Scary Movie. The graphics have been taken up a notch with huge environments and tonnes of enemies on screen. They’ve really pushed the xbox to its limits with explosions going on all around you, enemies flanking you from all angles and gorgeous scenery.

Gone are the annoying vehicle sections of GOW1 and 2 thankfully and in their place is all out action. There is some great set pieces in every level and the characters have gone from 1 dimensional bros with guns to 1 dimensional bros with guns who have a bit more back story about them. There are some great levels with Cole which we won’t spoil but makes us want to see him in his own spinoff game.

The single player has upped the anti with its boss battles and locations with pacing that isn’t all out running and gunning, but some slower scenes that really set the mood. As mentioned there is still some emotional storytelling that has never worked but we love it all the same.

The multiplayer has really expanded and we think finally realises what Gears of War 2 set out to do. Horde mode is fully expanded with you now able to take on 50 waves of enemies in different levels with the ability to buy weapons, ammo and defensive structures. It really requires team work to pool your money together, especially as certain waves have even tougher enemies than normal.

Death match is also back and plays wonderfully. The shot gun still feels way over powered at times but it is possible with skill to defeat these types of players with careful team work and lancer shooting.

All in all this is a great end to a wonderful series. The story wraps up nicely if thats the sort of thing you enjoy whilst the gameplay takes everything made before and adds a cherry on top. But its the long last multiplayer mode and DLC that really completes the package. This game won’t convert anyone not already a fan but who honestly doesn’t like a bit of Gears of War?