How to get a gamer girlfriend

*note* The model in this picture actually likes and plays video games, girl gamers are not a stereotype or fantasy.

You love video games and want a girlfriend. You might even be wondering if this is even possible. Gamers are geeks and girls don’t like geeks right? Wrong! Girls love geeks, jocks, nerds, emos in fact there is probably a girl out there who shares your interests. So just because you play games doesn’t mean you can’t find a girlfriend.

But what if you want a gamer girlfriend, that sounds almost impossible. Again you’d be wrong. You may think playing games online will help you find a gamer girlfriend and it may, but you’d be spending a lot of time looking. Instead look closer to home, there are probably many girls you know who play video games. Sure they may not have a kill to death ratio on Modern Warfare to rival the best but they may enjoy Tetris or The Sims or Mario Kart. They may borrow an older brothers console instead of owning their own. So chat to girls you know, ask them if they like any computer games. You may find exactly what you are looking for right in front of you.

But before you do that get rid of the myth that is the hollywood girl gamer, the girl that has all the consoles, imports japanese games and cosplays on weekends. Sure a few girls like that exist but most girl gamers don’t do that. Get yourself a girlfriend and share your interest with her, she may be a closet girl gamer and not even know it. She may go from playing Nintendogs to playing Left 4 Dead or taking an interest in the perks you use in Modern Warfare.

Make sure you are actually interesting. Just because a girl plays video games doesn’t mean she wants to talk about them all day every day. Same way not every girl plays Final Fantasy. Girls are just like you, they like different types of games and have their own interests. If you talk about games all day you’ll just bore not just girls but anyone. So go to clubs, go to pubs and hang out with friends. Chat to girls about their interests and they may very well like video games. Chat abit about what games they like, what they’ve played but also talk about other interests and hobbies.

Hanging out a GameStop or other video game store might sound like a good idea to pick up girl gamers but they’ll either be with their boyfriends or you’ll just creep everyone out. Picking up girls at a video game store is not a good idea. Maybe you have a video game club at your school you can go to to make new friends? You might even meet a few girls there.

Getting a gamer girlfriend is no different to getting a girlfriend, its just finding a girl who shares similar interests to you. If you want a football mad girlfriend you’d do exactly the same things to get a gamer girlfriend, find a girl you like who likes you who also shares your interests. Good luck!