How To Get A Job In A Video Games Shop Part 2

Following on from part 1 of how to get a job in a video games shop, we’ve got some extra special tips and advice from past and current employees to give you the edge.

Best way to get the job is to apply about September time for Christmas staff work. There is a higher intake of people at this time so there is more chance you’ll be accepted. Make your CV clear following our tips in part 1. If you got bad grades at school then either lie a little bit or don’t put down clearly what you got. The way you’d do this is just say 8 A-C grades or Passed. They generally don’t care or check what you’ve got, but if you got all F’s then they see that as you being kind of thick.

Put some interests at the end of your CV, such as playing video games and any interests which relate to computers and games, eg. Fixing computers, writer for a website, organising lan parties etc. But don’t go over board as you don’t want to come across as an anti social geek. Most of all show you have a personality and you’re out going. Say you play football with your friends, or go to clubs. Say you like making new friends and enjoy working with others. Putting down some kind of area where you have talked to people ‘Eg drama plays’ Will show your not shy or scared of talking to people. This is actually a key skill for a games store, being able to talk and interact with people. Employers don’t want fanboys or someone that is hard to talk to. Someone that can talk about games with a passion but who is likeable and can talk about other things in life.

Most of all don’t put bad things down. Heres some quotes from CV’s we’ve seen.
‘I cant do heavy lifting or cooking due to a groin injury’
‘Im not very good with talking to people, but do enjoy reading books’
‘I left my last job due to bulling from the employees and left the job before that due to not liking it.’

Putting stuff like that down will get you turned away fast. Not only does it make you come across as a slacker but also someone that probably isn’t very good to work with. Always be positive in your CV and your cover letter explaining why you are applying.

For your cover letter keep it short and sweet. Explain what job you wish to apply for and why you feel you’d be a perfect fit. Explain how you are a keen gamer, keep up to date in the gaming world and feel the store has a great atmosphere to work in.

If you do apply for Christmas, then tell them you’d like to stay on if possible and here is the hours that you can work. Be EXTREMELY flexible, the more flexible, the more chance they’ll take you on. If you can only do 9-2 on thursdays, you probably wont be taken on. Monday/wednesday/friday evenings and a sunday will be more than enough, but you can get away with just the one evening. And also try to do a saturday OR sunday. Sundays are best if possible as no one else really wants to do them so that will get you extra points. If you can work all week, even better.

If you apply at other times of the year then try to be again, as flexible with hours as possible. And just hope they lose a couple of staff. You’ll find in games shops some people have worked there for years whilst others only manage a few months.

A major plus point is saying you’ve worked in a game or retail store before. You’ll still get training and taught how to do things at a games store but it always helps to have prior experience, no matter how long that experience lasted.

Most important of all is to be above or very near 18 years of age, otherwise you’ll just be turned away. Because you are dealing with 18 rated products you have to be over that age.

In the interview – Appear early, to show you’re eager, if you’re going to be late, call them and tell them. If you cant make it and would like to reschedule, again call them way before your interview, otherwise they wont be interested. Look smart, and don’t dress as if you was going to pull some 15 year old down outside the local street corner.

Be polite, take your cv with you and a record of achievement, this will make you look better. Don’t talk to them how you’d talk to your mates, and don’t use slang words. Also if you dress and act like you demand respect or just don’t care then you might as well not turn up to the interview. Say how you like games and being with your mates and how you can work as a team member.

A good tip is to say how you heard about the CEO of the company or even just about the company’s history, that before it became GAME, EB or Gamestop, the owner used to have another company, which he sold, along with the name, and used the money to create GAME etc. Research this as it’s good for brownie points. Show how you’re also keen to work and try hard. If they ask what you looking to do say, get a job in either A)retail, B)the games industry or c) your not sure yet but want to use this as a learning curve and feel its somewhere you can excel.

These tips wont guarantee you a job, but will help! Good luck and post your tips and experiences below in our comments section.