Joytunes Podcast


Joytunes is a gaming podcast devoted to playing the very best of music from all types of game soundtracks. Myself (otherwise known as capone_adam) and n00b select up to 10 tracks every episode and talk briefly about each one between the tracks.

The show has been running for a while.  Season 1 finished a few months ago and this week season 2 started with a new show and a special so now is a good time to jump in on the fun.

Joytunes  2.1

1. Punchout Theme

2. Donkey Kong Country 2 – Bramble Blast

3. Jet Set Radio – Let Mom Sleep

4. Infamous – Anything for Trish

5. Perfect Dark – Chicago Stealth

6. Super Mario World – Bowser Castle Theme (Zircon Remix)

7. World of Goo – Rain Rain Windy Windy

8. Majora’s Mask – Astral Observatory

9. Mad World – Get it up


Myself and Noob are incredibly proud to present the first of a series of specials based on season 1 of Joytunes. The first theme is ‘Adventure’, we very carefully picked a selection of songs played during season 1 and created one straight mix. I can’t tell you how much we both love this collection of epic and beautiful melodies,  ss for the new joytunes listeners this is a must!

1. Shenmue – Sedge Tree (orchestrated)

2. Bioshock – Main Theme

3. Silent Hill – Tears Of

4. Resident Evil Code Veronica – The End Of The Beginning

5. Shadow Of The Colossus – Sunlit Earth

6. Max payne – Main Theme

7. Mirror’s Edge – Still Alive (instrumental)

8. Metal Gear Solid 3 – Debriefing

9. Prince Of Persia 4 – Main Theme

10. Zelda Twilight Princess – 2006 Trailer

11. Tombraider – Main Theme

12. Uncharted – Nate’s Theme