Midway Newcastle Closed Today

Word comes from us from sources inside Midway Newcastle that the studio has closed.

Midway Newcastle, developers of Wheelman and announced game Necessary Force had been aware of a possible closure for the last few months.

Staff are said to be angry, gutted and betrayed at how they have been treated following the closure, with remaining wages not being paid to them and a long wait for any redundancy packages.

The closure, whilst a strong possibily for the last few weeks happened abruptley today when managers asked staff to sign forms and leave the premises with no prior warning they would be out this soon.

Necessary Force which was looking like it could turn into a fun game will now be put on hold with it probably not seeing the light of day whilst all rights revert back to Midway who Warner Brothers recently bought.

There was a lot of talented folk at Midway Newcastle and we wish them all the best in finding new work. If you own a Development Studio in the UK, you might want to track down these talented people now!