So a lot of people of the webs have recently been banging on about Minecraft. Lots of videos have been popping up on YouTube about different things people have made in the game. Watching these I thought I would give it a quick try. 2 hours later I’m mining for coal and cursing my own name for not working out how to make a furnace earlier.

It’s very addictive. You are left totally in charge of this randomly generated world to get up to what you see fit. It feels as is you have been dropped off on a private island full of untapped resources, with a healthy scattering of wildlife and told this is where you live now, have at it.

So far I have managed to get myself killed twice, the first time was through a deadly fascination with lava. Rather then seeing the Lava and thinking “cool, yet deadly”, my mind said, “cool, let’s see where it goes”.

I started digging next to the lava, caught on fire, realised that iv’e dug myself into a fiery tomb and ran around like a fool trying to escape to the surface to find water. Of course I died quickly and I lost all of my tools and stuff I mined.

This is where I was presently surprised. The sense of loss was surprisingly strong, yet I was still compelled to play on and learn from my mistakes. All this from a game that looks like it should pre-date Duke Nukem 3D.

So I played on and it wasn’t long before I was mining away and making tools again. As I mined it got dark, so I downed tools and started to make my way back to my shelter. For there be monsters and enemies after the sun goes down. I then realised I had no idea where I was. I hadn’t spent enough time in the game to recognise any of the landscape and with no beacon or bread crumb trail I was hopelessly lost.

I started running around keeping my eye out for any peice of landscape that looked familiar. It wasn’t long before I heard the first arrow wiz past

In game shot of Minecraft
Minecraft taught me something about myself. It seems if I was left alone in paradise it wouldn't take me long to find a way to get myself killed.

my head. Now the game had turned from general sand pit to survival. I began trying to lose the skeleton that was giving chase with its powerful and accurate bow.

I must of been chased for around 5 minutes before he eventually killed me; feet from my shelter. I was pissed off but I still wanted play on. Normally if I die that often in a game I throw the controller on the floor and stomp around like a 2 year old having a sulk.

This is when I realised the beauty of Minecraft. Even though it is a very simple concept and has simpler still graphics, its hook is brilliant. It’s fun because it apeases the very basic human survival mechanisms. Build a shelter, check. Find food, check. Make fire for light, check.

Rather then the instant gratification of chaining 5 headshots in a row I was enjoying a game that consisted of mining, making tools and building. This is a very rare thing for me so I think I’m going to get back to my little Minecraft world. Maybe build a beacon…………or a Crossbow.

This game is defently something different from what you usually get and is very attractive for its price. It will run you €10 (£8.80) at the time of writing. I recommend this game if your looking for something different and you are on a budget.

Thanks for listening Children!

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