Mini Review: House Of The Dead Overkill – Wii

House Of The Dead: Overkill

On booting the game you are presented with a glorious grind house style intro. Grainy image quality, booming movie voice and sexual content.

This isn’t your usual house of the dead game, expect to hear the F bomb at least 5 times within the first minute and about 1000 over the course of an hour. It really is a reboot for the franchise with a total change of direction.

Graphically the image quality isn’t as sharp as the other House Of The dead titles, opting for a more grainy silent hill approach with lots of dark areas. The game is filled to the brim with different types of zombies (including the no standard zombie nurse) and lots of destructible scenery.

Sound is the biggest change, featuring some excellent 80’s sounding tracks that play through the menus as well as the game really drawing you in. Some lovely sound effects and meaty gun noises top off the action.

Gameplay wise, it’s house of the dead. There are a few neat twists like collecting brains to unlock movies and concept art as well as slow mo moments and hostage rescues ala Ghost Squad. If you like gun games, then this should already be on your shelf. Forget the old arcade style gun games of old, this really does feel like a console made gun game. Gone are the quick thrills and small levels, in are the set pieces, longer levels and a harder challenge. There is a great little combo meter that takes some practise to get good at, making sure you don’t constantly hammer the fire button but carefully pick off your targets.

If you are worried about accuracy, don’t be. You can calibrate the gun any way you like, sights on or off and whilst you can’t look down the barrel to aim, you can aim accurately from pointing at the screen.

So if you’re on the lookout for another gun game to add to the wii, then this is what you need to get. You WON’T be disappointed thats for sure!

Console made gun game at least!
Lovely graphical style and presentation
Pure fun!

A bit dark in places
If you wanted more house of the dead, be prepared to be disappointed as this totally shakes things up both graphics and style wise.

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Mini-Mini Review

Hand Cannon

A quick mention to the Hand Cannon, a Sega Licensed gun made just for House Of The Dead Over Kill. The gun is BIG, very big. The wiimote fits in the top and does make it feel a little top heavy.

However it feels perfectly at home with this game. The guns you start with perfectly match the look and feel of this (compared to the wii zapper, which felt a lot better with Ghost Squads machine gun) and the trigger action is perfect.

The build quality is perfect, the gun feels solid and like it can take some action, whilst still having a nice soft grip for your shooting arm.

Not as good as the old virtua guns, but the best we are going to get on the wii.

Official House of the Dead Overkill Hand Cannon (Wii)