Mini Review – Pikmin Wii

Pikmin Wii is a re-release of sorts for the Nintendo Wii. The 2001 Gamecube classic has made it’s way onto the Wii with slightly different controls and a more forgiving save system.

Pikmin starts off with Captin Olimar crash landing on a strange planet, his space ship destroyed, he comes across the pikmin. Strange flower like creatures who adore him right away and will do anything to help.Olimar has just 30 (game) days to collect his spaceship parts before he dies.

Consider the game as RTS-lite. You control the Pikmin to do your bidding, finding space ship parts, killing monsters and moving obstacles.

Graphically the game hasn’t aged a bit. Lovely vibrant colours, lots of detail in the game world, really makes you feel like you are on this mystery planet. For a game that’s 9 years old it looks better than most current Wii titles.

So what has changed for the Wii? We get a 16:9 option, 480p and that’s about it. The graphics haven’t been changed a bit, but then again they didn’t need to. The cover to the left is also fully reversable, getting rid of that nasty looking box art for the classic Pikmin boxart.

The controls have changed too. The Wiimote pointer acts as your way of selecting Pikmin compared to the 2nd analogue stick on the gamecube with all the other buttons being swaped around a bit too. Nintendo have also added a slight change to the save system. Previously you had 30 game days to complete the game. If on the 29th day you still had far too many spaceship parts to collect, there was no way of beating the game except to start over. Now you can go back to any day you choose if you find you are running out of time.

Sound wise you can expect the same delectable tones as the Gamecube version, soft, gentle and very relaxing.

This is one of Nintendo’s best games, it’s short, to the point and wonderful throughout. Don’t go expecting a 60 hour slog-a-thon, but between 6-10 hours of gameplay. If you’ve played the original GC version, don’t expect to find anything new here. In fact you’d be better saving your money and just replaying it on the GC. But if you’ve never played the original Pikmin, make sure you hunt it out. You won’t be disappointed. But do try and find it for Sub £20, a 9 year old game for £30 is pushing it a bit to far Nintendo!

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