Nintendo 3DS Initial Impressions

This technology is nothing to be scoffed at. People keep saying they’re sick of seeing 3D everywhere – but remember, this doesn’t require glasses. That is impressive. Think of the advances we’ve made in technology. The game line-up itself is quite exciting, there’s a huge catalogue of great games announced at E3 already, and I think starting with some older classic games is a great idea – it shows the potential of the console, with games already popular and recognised. The design of the system itself is certainly improved, with a larger top widescreen, sleek case and of course the left hand-side thumb stick – this brings a lot more to the table for portable gaming in terms of what games can be played and how, ergonomically this makes a lot more sense. The PSP has had analogue sticks for a while, so it’s about time. However, this does leave left-handed people a bit miffed as it is on the left side of the screen.

I am, however, curious about the battery life of it; with all that extra processing power for the 3D, will it burn out quickly?

Also hearing rumours of online integration with friends lists and achievements. Intrigued to find out more.
If it uses the “friend code” system of the previous Nintendo consoles, that may hinder the online experience as people have not reacted positively to that, compared to the Xbox Live and PSN online systems.