Nintendo E3 Summary 2011

Why click on thousands of pages when we can bring you the hi-lights from Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2011.


* Orchestra, video of Zelda 25th anniversary playing.
* Shiggy’s appears! Bows, ecstatic. 25th anniversary of Zelda, gameplay/visuals constantly evolve, so does music. Skyward Sword theme at intro. Orchestra plays Zelda themes/SFX live.
* The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening should be out on the 3DS’ eShop today.
* Legend of Zelda 3DS launches next week! Frame-rate improved, visuals improved, sextacular!
* Legend of Zelda: Four Swords – free DSiWare download this Summer!
* Skyward Sword – WW release this Autumn/Winter!
* Special gold Wii remote, promo with SS.
* Music CD’s. OOT OST, gift for select who register game.
* More wild developers appear!
* Thank you Zelda fans!

* Iwata appears!
* New home console coming 2012
* Deeper and Wider. :eyebrows:
* See games in a different way, full details later. ARGH!
* Serve every player

3DS Summary

* Sizzle reel. Mario Kart 3DS, StarFox 3DS, Super Mario 3DS, Kid Icarus, Luigi’s Mansion. :o.
* New Titles. 5 key titles.
* Mario Kart 3DS. Tricked out version, looks good. Entirely new, this year release.
* StarFox 3DS. Buttons or Gyro controls. Player choice, camera’s record reaction, celebrate kills, etc. US – September
* Super Mario 3DS. looks good. Out before the end of the year.
* Kid Icarus. Looks good. Multiplayer action 3v3. AR card game.
Luigi’s Mansion 2 – New game, extraordinary use of 3D, several new mansions.
* Third Party trailer
* eShop/Browser. Demo’s coming soon. VC, Gameboy and GBC, classic console titles, 3D make over, free copy of ExciteBike.
* Pokemon – Pokedex.
* Smash Bros comes to 3DS, WiiU connectivity.


LoZ: Links Awakenings – Today on eShop
Mario Kart 3DS – This Autumn/Winter
StarFox 3DS – Sept US
Super Mario 3DS – This year
Kid Icarus – AR game. this year.
Luigi’s Mansion 2


Sizzle Reel
Mario Kart 3DS
StarFox 3DS
Super Mario 3DS
Kid Icarus
Luigi’s Mansion 2
Third Party Sizzle Reel

Nintendo WiiU Summary

*WiiU – New controller, 6.2″ touch screen. analogue sticks, triggers, d-pad, rumble, gyro, etc.
* Created for widest range of titles use.
* Not designed to be portable games machine
* Image generated wirelessly, no latency, change the way you play games.
* Traditional controls.
* Strong bond, games, tv and net. Friends, family.
* web browsing, video chat,
* Tablet controller, buttons! Looks like Game Gear, thinner, white, trailer shown. *Touch screen, draw on screen, play on controller free from TV, use controller to control TV games, video calls, internet browsing, share from controller to TV, touch screen UI in Wii titles.
* Home console games come to WiiU.
* BC compatible, Wiimotes, etc compatible, No need to use TV.
* Use alongside TV.
* Miyamoto appears! Entertainment can use both controller and TV or just one. new styles of play, no shortage of ideas, third party support(?)
* Smash Bros comes to WiiU, 3DS connectivity.
* Early interactive demo.
* Field view – something with pirates.
* New form of MP – Chase Me. looks different with Wiimote/WiiU.
* Prototypes, not games.
* One title confirmed in development – Lego City Stories.
* Third Parties amazed!
* Darksiders 2, Arkham City, Tekken, Ghost Recon, EA sports titles, all coming to WiiU.
* EA CEO appears! New relationship, HD visuals, new gameplay opportunities, BF3 coming to WiiU? New console transformational, deeper online capability.
* Closing speech. Ninty Network is back!


WiiU, new tablet controller. Play games away from TV, continue games from Wii on WiiU
Smash Bros WiiU – 3DS connectivity.
Lego City Stories
Darksiders 2
Arkham City
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Ghost Recon Online
Metro Last Light
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge
EA Games


WiiU – Alt – Alt 2
Third Party Sizzle Reel

Stage Demo’s


Thanks to ‘The Sarge’ over at Rllmukforum.