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Every week, or when we can remember we’ll tell you about a gaming podcast you need to check out if it’s not already on your list.

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The Geekbox

The Geekbox.

Hosted by former EGM staffers Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Mike Cruz, Andrew Fitch and Ryan Higgins., The Geekbox isn’t stickly a gaming podcast but covers all things geeky. Launching in January 2009 after the collapse of EGM and, the hosts talk about videogames, comics, movies, TV shows and anything else geek related.

The show is recorded inside Comic Conspiracy’s a comic book store based with Silican Valley. The tone of the show is like a few friends gathering to talk about their interests rather than being forced to discuss the days gaming news. You won’t find the latest news or detailed breakdowns on reviews (review scores instead being based on Gabrielle Anwar) but you will find deep discussions on TV shows like Lost and Burn Notice, the latest games they have played and comics amongst a whole host of personal stories and other random geek chatter.

There is also a semo regular feature on dating, with the cast constantly asking even more personal questions about Fitch’s recent dates as well as discussing sites such as okcupid.You won’t feel ashamed to listen to this podcast as while it covers all things geek, it’s done in a friendly manner and without fanboyism. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory this is not.

So if you’re after a podcast that quickly keeps you up to date on a wide range of geeky interests, has interesting personal stories and doesn’t become dull by retreading old ground then check them out. It’s a podcast that nicely complements podcasts such as giant bomb or 4 Guys 1Up as they both tackle the gaming subjects in differnt ways.

You can find the GeekBox on itunes or their website –

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