No.2 Dark Zero Podcast

The Dark Zero podcast is a british based gaming podcast. Featuring a regular cast of 5 guys you can expect a relaxed atmosphere and a more personal approach to talk about games.

Backed onto the Dark Zero website the regular podcasters talk about what games they have been playing, random news that intrested them and anything else that crosses their minds. Expect casual swearing that fits in with the general tone of the show and playful banter. The website is hardly mentioned except for talking about early review code and their impressions. They are rather candid telling the listener exactly how they feel without holding back. Expect some World of Warcraft talk at times but this is kept to a minimum with most of the presenters rather not talking about it.

The show sometimes goes into detail about retro games almost by accident but the love and passion for these games more than makes up their long discussions and really makes you wish they’d talk a bit more about their retro gaming experiences.

Calling Michael Pachter some rather harsh things isn’t out of the ordinary either and even resulted in him catching them red handed and being interviewed on the show. Listener questions are welcomed and are often as random and funny as the main presenters.

Whilst not the most informative gaming podcast (if you only want the latest news), the relaxed atmosphere, british jokes and sometimes off topic stories make this show hilarious and easy to listen to. We suggest you check them out if you’re fed up of the more loud mouth american based podcasts but be warned some jokes may fly over your head.

You can find the Dark Zero podcast on itunes or their website –

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