No.3 Rebel FM Podcast

Rebel FM is hosted by Anthony Gallegos (ex 1up, now at Gamespy), Arthur Gies (flatmate but now at Team Xbox) and Tyler Barber (ex 1up now at Gamespy). A mix of professional views as well as casual conversations. Set up in the aftermath of EGM dying, Rebel FM quickly gained listeners thanks to their often honest and occasionally childish views on the gaming scene.

Many listeners were put off by Arthur Gies, often citing no industry cred and a clashing personality. His personality seems toned down now compared to early episodes but you may find you take what he says the wrong way until you get the humour of the show. Going from gamers without jobs to gamers with jobs now means a lot of the disccusion isn’t as open as earlier shows either. You’ll still find cutting marks and bone cutting critisim on games which is very refeshing but you can’t help but feel they sometimes hold back on certain things due to their jobs.

That said once you get into the flow of their humour and each presenters personality you will come to enjoy Rebel FMs honest approach to discussing video games. The show often features a listeners letters section which often becomes ironic as they discuss dating tips whilst being single themselves but provides many funny moments from the letters and the hosts reactions. The frank viewpoints are not only a joy to listen to but downright funny because of it.

You won’t find much news discussion but you’ll often get plenty of info about the latest releases they have been playing. They even have a sister podcast called Games Club. Each week (or even multiple weeks) they play through and talk about an older game at length. Perfect for those that want to find out more or hear others thoughts on these games but they can be ignored if the topic doesn’t interest you.

Don’t expect the highest production values, but do expect a fun look at the games industry with people who are not only a part of it but enjoy being a part of it.

You can check out rebel FM on Itunes and at