No.1 – Incredible Crisis

System – PSone
Release – 2000
Japanese Name – Tondemo Crisis
Genre – Party
Rating – Teen

Incredible Crisis, an odd choice some of you may say who have played this before. But what if you haven’t? Incredible Crisis is not really a party game, but more of a bunch of mini games slotted in around a story with CG movies either side of the mini games. So far, so boring. But you need to play it because of how strange it is.

Published by Titus in the UK, the game had the tinest of localisation put into it. Originally a japanese game involving giant teddy bears and shrink rays and UFOs, which has thankfully stayed the same. You’re lucky they changed the menus into english, even the intro cut scene has been left unedited with the exception of a text over lay for japanese words. This is without a doubt one of the most japanese games ever released in the UK marketplace.

But this is what makes it so charming. You’ve seen the TV clips of Japanese game shows and thought how wacky and strange they are and wished they were on TV here. Well here’s the game version.

This Intro movie explains it better than we ever could.

The game is based around the lives of one family, with the game split up into each family members day and what happened to them. This involves one of 24 mini games – some of which are repeats – ranging from taking down giant teddy bears destroying the city to feeling up women on fair ground rides. Each mini game is rather simplistic, often resulting in you following commands, a bit like Parapper The Rapper.

Graphically it has a blocky charm to it. Cutscenes fit into the whole style and the game is one of the more solid PSone titles. Everything is nice and vibrant with lots of big chunky objects. Each game has it’s own style of play and look and is strange enough to keep you wondering what happens next. There’s a couple of mini games based off of the movies Titanic and Top Gun too.

Musically the game is brilliant if you like strange jpop tracks, composed by the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, you can’t help but hum along to the tunes and hear them in your head all day. They are really what make the game, they give it this energetic feel and make each mini game a pleasure to play.

As for the gameplay, it’s been explained above. There’s not really much more to add. Each game is rather simple and it’s more of an experience rather than a difficult game. It’s all the better for it too, it won’t take you long to complete – a couple of hours – but it has great replay value. Whilst it is only a single player experience there is a multiplayer mode where you can take it in turns to do levels which works well, thanks to the humour on offer and the strangeness of the whole experience.

Still, why did we pick this game? Because it offers something different. No western game is like it at all, it’s a great game to play, is short but sweet and is an experience you can’t get anywhere else. Unless you count Feel The Magic on the DS, which isn’t anywhere near as good as this.

Oh and this is the only game to our minds that features you touching up a lady at a fairground whilst orgasmic noises come out of your TV speakers. It’s not visual on whats going on but from the moans, it’s pretty obvious. Did we mention you actually get to play this part too?

You’ve probably seen it in countless second hand shops and never bought it. It’s doubtful you’ve even played it, so we thought we’d start off with a brilliant quirky game that deserves a bit more love.

It’s cheap, go out there and pick it up and why not post your comments below on this game.