PortsCenter Needs Your Help

So what is PortsCenter and why does it need your help? PortsCenter is the brainchild of Ben Paddon, looking back at classic game ports with a comedy edge. If you’ve ever heard of Charlie Brooker or Screen Wipes you’re guaranteed to like this. PortsCenter is currently a pilot and is looking for funding using kickstarter to be able to produce more episodes. You can donate as little as $1 up to the full amount and we hope you do donate as we really hope we can see more PortsCenter.

The pilot covers Doom in its PlayStation One port going into detail about how it plays, what makes it better than the PC version whilst also poking fun at the lack of multilayer opponents.

PortsCenter is a planned webseries that aims to look at interesting and unique ports of videogames in an informative and entertaining manner. Y’see, back before multi-format games were the norm, a game might come out on one or two systems (three, if we were lucky) and get ported to other systems much, much later, sometimes by a different team entirely.

Occasionally, a port will differ from its source material in some way. It might be a change for the better, or it could ruin the game forever. Who knows? Well, we do, obviously, because its these games that PortsCenter will be looking at.

Check out the pilot below.

We love it, its funny, its a shameless rip off of Charlie Brookers Screen Wipes but thats no bad thing and it is filled with facts and details even the most hardcore Doom players probably didn’t know about.

So be sure to share the link with your friends and chuck a couple of dollars Bens way so he can produce more quality PortsCenter content.