Rabbids Travel in Time 3D Review

I had been very excited about this game and waiting with anticipation – the other Rabbids adventures on Wii previously had been enjoyable and silly fun with a large humor injection and fun minigames. This game had promised to deliver the same fun, with platforming this time.

Unfortunately, this game is quite the opposite. It started with fun levels, interesting design, unique puzzles and platforms to jump around and get through – but it quickly became repetitive and dull within a few levels on the first world. The game itself consists of 4 main worlds, or eras, from Egypt to Middle Ages, with about 10 or so levels in each, it varies between worlds. Each level, and each world, feels the same after a few plays. They are not unique or interesting – with the same form of background (with differing time-period appropriate decor) and the same kind of platforming within the gameplay. There are enemy Rabbids, though they require no effort, other than a simple kick. There’s nothing ultimately keeping you playing through, as there’s no real goal – other than to get to the other end of the level to the time machine (washing machine). This is not aided by a lack of real story, wherein you’re given a snippet of the story at the beginning, then little else throughout and it feels very empty and lifeless.

Trying to emulate the styles of Mario games, it fails – without a double jump and poor control on platforms, leading you to often fall off things and slide too far. Getting hurt or dying is a huge frustration as the checkpoints are badly spaced out, sometimes with difficult puzzles before them, meaning if you die at that stage, you are sent back quite a fair bit. This is not the biggest frustration, however, if you completely lose all lives – you are transported back to the entire start of the level.

If the gameplay and platforming had been solid, a lot of the initial problems could be overlooked, as well as perhaps the terrible checkpoints, but a combination of all these faults, and it is difficult to find a reason to enjoy the game.

I had been quite looking forward to what they would implement with the 3D use; it was an unnecessary addition – it is clear they just made it 3D, because they could. The effect adds nothing to the experience or gameplay. There are moments when a fly lands on your top screen; quite cool at first and looks very impressive as it lands, but after about 2 times it gets irritating, in the way of view, and utterly pointless.

Younger children may benefit and enjoy the game more, as a straight platformer, especially if they have little else to compare it to. It has fun parts, namely the beginning – but I would suggest you keep hold of the money you’d drop on that, for a better title to come along.