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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Halloween has been and gone and we are now into November. However if your like me and enjoy Halloween a little too much for a adult don’t fret there is something to keep you ticking over until the next L4D installment.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare is a add-on for the original game and can be downloaded from your console’s online store. It will run you around £8 (god I’m cheap) and is worth every penny.

The story mode runs alongside the original campaign. You, aka John Marston, are at your ranch with your family when Uncle turns up all Zombiefied and chows down on your wife. Who in turn bites your son. Being the good man Marston is you hogtie them both then set-out to find a cure for your family and to find out what on earth is going on. After shooting zombie Uncle in the head of course.

As you progress through the game you face zombie hordes, towns in need of saving, mini missions as well as original characters from the normal game trying to survive the plague of the undead. Fast travelling between towns is only available after you have cleared the zombie threat. This makes using a horse very important to the game, and introduces you to undead horses and animals!

The undead animals know no fear and have no problem chasing you for a long time if they can keep up with you. The fun begins with the undead horses, not only are they cool looking but being undead don’t suffer running out of stamina. There are also some mythical creatures scattered around the game. Some are built into the missions, some are randomly placed waiting to be found (think revelations).

Undead cougar attacking John Marston
Thats a bad Kitty!

The zombies themselves are well done and are quite a theat to you when gathered on mass. There are different types of zombie however no new classes of zombie have added to the usual suspects. You have your garden variety zombie, the fast “hunter” zombie, a large “tank” zombie and a “spitter” zombie. All of them feel well balanced and the classes are normally mixed well when in a large group.

The writing is as good as the original was with a little more humor and a lot of scared npc’s doing stupid things thrown in for good measure. The story mode is said to last around 6 hours and so far the pacing has been solid all the way through. With the new weapons, multiplayer modes and outfits this makes it quite a good deal for the price.

John Marston being chased by Zombies

If you looking for a excuse to play more red dead redemption you can’t go far wrong with this. The is only one negative about this add-on. When I downloaded it from the PSN it took three hours to come down! However its very minor mark against a very good add-on.

Thanks for listening children!

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