Revisiting The Dreamcast

I picked up a brand new Dreamcast earlier today and i’ve just spent the last hour revisiting it. IMO, it really is one of the best consoles ever made.

The size of the thing is amazing, a nice tightly packed design covered in a wonderfully gritty plastic. The white is so vibrant and welcoming. The controller…well it’s not the best thing ever made and gives you hand cramps rather easily but the analogue triggers and VMU make it something special.

Remember playing racing games using just the X button? The triggers give a wonderful feeling, especially in games like Crazy Taxi. The little VMU, sadly underused is also a fantastic feature which should have caught on. Little animations playing during the games are nice but being able to download little mini games is a magical little extra to the games that support it.

The GD-Rom drive is noisy as hell but it always takes me back to 1999, hearing it screech away as games loaded or voices were played. Who knows what it was doing but theres something i like about it.

I played a bit of Sonic Adventure earlier, a game that really needs to be remade. It really is blue sky gaming, cheesy rock tunes and a 3D Sonic game that actually works. The set pieces are still amazing today as they ever were and it can’t help but put a smile on my face.

I then tried out Crazy Taxi. I was GOD at this game long ago, sadly my skills haven’t stayed with me. Trying to perform Crazy Dashs and drifts didn’t come to me as naturally as i thought but i still had fun driving round the vibrant city, taking in all the little details like people playing tennis, the people in swim gear under the sea waiting for a cab and the fantastic jumps. Why can’t games be this bright and fun anymore?

I think im going to have an extended visit to my DC now. Maybe play both Shenmues again and knock on everyones door and take in the atmosphere and ask for sailors. Or maybe plug my DC into the amp i’ve got, turn the lights off and put on Rez for an hour of gaming that can’t be matched. Which reminds me of Space Channel 5 and dancing along with Ulala or chucking in Power Stone and playing one of the best 3D brawlers out there.

I could go back to my old save of Seaman…even though i know he is long dead by now, or chuck on my blades and skate around Shibuya-cho tagging the place.

So many memories but there must be loads of games im forgetting or need to check out, so what other games should i revist on the Dreamcast?