Should i quit video games?

Why do you want to quit video games? Are you bored of video games? Do they take up too much of your time? Maybe you feel they are a waste of time.

Ask yourself this, would you ask if you should quit watching tv or movies? What about hanging out with friends? It really depends on why you want to quit.

If you are bored of video games then taking a break can be a good thing. Its very easy to get burned out on video games with a new AAA must play title coming out every week. Firstly its very expensive but secondly it becomes a chore. Its almost like a job trying to complete and see as much of a game as possible before the next one comes out. Taking a break from playing or reading about video games can do you the world of good, allowing you to enjoy life and do things games time takes up. But don’t quit, just play when you feel like it but remember to have time away from games.

If you feel they take up too much time then quitting could be a bad idea. You’ll miss them with all your extra free time so just play in moderation. Do you really need to play World of Warcraft tonight or should you spend 30 minutes tidying up? If friends invite you out go and hang out with them, you’ll have much more fun and some great memories compared to doing another raid with faceless people from the internet. Only play when you have spare time instead of playing and having to make spare time for other things.

Maybe you feel you are growing up and games are a waste of time. You wouldn’t say the same thing about movies, games are for adults as well as kids.

Playing video games doesn’t mean you have to play all day every day. You can play what you want when you want. Why quit video games when you can take a break from them or let it fizzle out by itself. As you grow older, get a job, a life, you’ll find you have less time to play games anyways, you won’t need to quit as it’ll become just another hobby instead of your life. So concentrate on enjoying your life more instead of trying to avoid all forms of video games, it’ll make things much easier and more fun.