Sonic Generations Review

Sonic hasn’t been good for a long time. Since the launch of Sonic Adventure 1 which whilst flawed was amazing for the time, all sonic fans have longed for a good sonic game again. We had some games offer us hope such as Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic Colours but for the most part its been filled with Sonic Heroes, Sonic 06 and the Sonics unleashed of this world.

So Sonic Generations has a tough time to convince us its any good, lucky for it then it is. Sonic is back on form with Sonic Generations. Generations sees you playing as modern 3D sonic as well as classic 2D sonic. Gone are the friends, gone are the stupid levels full of speed and gone is the crap gameplay. Sega have looked backed at the classic Mega Drive Sonics to make an amazing game looking back over 20 years of Sonic history.

The game features 2D style levels for classic sonic and a mix of 2.5d and 3d levels for the more modern sonic and both work extremely well. After the disappointment of Sonic 4, Sega have finally fixed 2D sonic’s physics so now he plays almost exactly like he did in his 2D adventures. Its not perfect but we are more than happy with how Sonic handels as the 2D levels are filled with classic platforming action which has been missing for a long time. 3D sonic doesn’t handle too bad either, whilst it is similar to other 3D sonics with lots of running and set pieces the levels are packed with alternate routes and that awesome 2D platforming action.

Graphically Sonic Generations looks amazing with tonnes of detail and little touches. Sonic has never looked so good and with hardly a hint of popup its the most complete and feature pack sonic world we’ve seen in a long time. We can’t forget the music either, crammed with tonnes of sonic tunes from over 20 years you can pick the music that is played on each level or listen to some amazing remixes of classic themes.

If you can’t tell we love Sonic Generations, it’s filled with tonnes of nostalgia, little touches, loads of levels and most of all, fun. The Sonic cycle is now broken and we recommend you pick up Sonic Generations if you after some classic platforming action.