Sony E3 Summary 2011

Why click on thousands of pages when we can bring you the hi-lights from Sony’s press conference at E3 2011.


* Montage, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Twisted Metal, and many, many more.
* Jack Tretton Appears! PSN Network hack discussed, cracking wise, thanks 3rd party support, thanks retail, consumers are lifeblood, apologies personally and behalf of company for outage. Talking about services only those in the US have access to.
* Uncharted 3 stage demo. Ship/Liner level, impressive visuals and lighting. Incredible set-piece. Beta starts June 28th. US get early access to MP in October. New trailer shown, very impressive, Chloe!
* Resistance 3 stage demo. Attack of the grey, not one of the more interesting levels they could have demoed. Action looks interesting. R3 Sharpshooter bundle, camera, nav controller, wand, sharpshooter – $150
* God of War Origins Collection. Remastered PSP games – September 2011
* Ico/SOTC Collection – September 2011 – 😮 :OMG:
* 3D cheaper, PS3 branded 3D display – New tech that allows two players to see two screens not split/screen. Glasses, HDMI, R3 – TV – $499, Glasses – $69.99.
* PS Move coming to big brands.
* 2K Games. NBA 2K 12, Move controls. NBA on the move.
* Medieval Moves – PS Move. Looks fun, I guess.
* Infamous 2. Launch trailer shown. Talking up UGC.
* LittleBigPlanet 2 – More deeper PS Move functionality.
* Starhawk, trailer shown.
* Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Revealed. Trailer shown.
* Dust 514 PS3 exclusive. Hold for applause *Cricket*. Move functionality, PS Home, Vita support, beta 2011, release mid 2012.
* Bioshock Infinite Trailer shown. PS Move support, First Bioshock free if you buy BI on PS3.
* Saints Row: The Third – Exclusive game mode.
* Star Trek – Co-Op action adventure – PS Move. Move phaser. Playable prequel on PSN.
* EA exclusives. SSX – PS3 exclusive Fuji mountain. NFS:The Run – exclusive super cars. BF3 – exclusive BF1943 Free.
* PS Suite. Content comes to Android
* Closing speech!

Announcements (retail)

* Medieval Moves
* Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
* PS Move comes to Bioshock Infinite
* Exclusive DLC for Saints Row: The Third, Star Trek, Need for Speed: The Run, SSX and Battlefield 3.
* PS Suite

Announcements (PSN)

* Dust 514 PSN(?) Exclusive

Reveal Trailers/Trailers

E3 Sizzle Reel
PSN Outage Address
Resistance 3 – Road to Redemption
Uncharted 3
Infamous 2
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Dust 514
Bioshock Infinite
God of War: Origins

Stage Demo’s

Uncharted 3 – Video
Resistance 3 – Video
NBA 2K 12 – Video
Medieval Move – Video


PS Vita Summary

* PS Vita official title.
* Vita means life, blurs line between life and entertainment
* Eurogamer – For the standard Wi-Fi model you’ll pay €249.99 (£223). For the fancypants 3G plus Wi-Fi model you’ll pay €299.99 (£268).
* Joystiq – also list the price as 249.99 Euros, also confirm a global 2011 release – Joystiq
* Montage, Uncharted, Hustle Kings, Little Deviants, and more
* Dust 514 functionality
* Bioshock coming to Vita
* Wi-Fi and 3G models.
* AT&T partnership – LOL with applause of disgust
* Near – Connect with those around you, recommend games, compare trophies, etc.
* Scott Rohde Appears!
* Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Stunning! Dynamic lighting, touch melee, traversal – sticks and touch, tilt controls, not locked into controls, player choice.
* Ruin! Action RPG! PS3 connectivity. Resume game on PS3 from Vita.
* Modnation Racers – New experience, built from the ground up on Vita. PS3 connectivity/cross platform functionality.
* Wipeout 2048 – 8 players using PS3 or Vita.
* Cloud Saves, Content sharing, UGC shareable
* LittleBigPlanet coming to Vita
* Capcom – Street Fighter X Tekken comes to Vita! The liar takes the stage. Cole from Infamous joins the cast! Shown running in Vita
* 80 titles in development from a range of third parties.
* Vita sizzle reel – Uncharted, Wipeout 2048, Little Deviants, LBP, SoundShapes, Hustle Kings, Ruin, Modnation Racers, SuperStarDust Delta, AR title and more.


* Dust 514 functionality
* Price – 249.99/299.99 Euro
* Global 2011 release
* Bioshock coming to Vita
* EA support confirmed.
* PS Near
* AT&T Partnership
* Ruin – PS3 X play functionality
* Wipeout 2048 – X play functionality
* PS3/Vita content sharing
* Street Fighter X Tekken comes to Vita! Cole as exclusive character.

Reveal Trailers/Trailers

Sizzle Reel
Modnation Racers

Stage Demo’s

Uncharted: Golden Abyss – Video
Ruin – Video
Modnation Racers – Video
Street Fighter X Tekken – Video

Thanks to ‘The Sarge’ over at Rllmukforum.