Star Fox 64 3D Review

The year is 1997, the N64 has been out for a few months now and one of the best games ever arrives. That game was Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars. The game introduced the world to the rumble pack, allowing the controller to vibrate to hits, explosions and other on screen action.

Sadly this 3DS remake loses that but it makes up for it by taking a great game and giving it a 21st century make over. Star Fox 64 3D sees you take control of a Star Wing to take down the evil Andross. The game is an on rails shooter seeing you shoot as many enemies as you can whilst avoiding various obstacles. You’ll get the chance to fly in full on 3D at limited times with each level having a boss set piece.

Whilst the game can be completed in little under an hour you’ll keep coming back to try other levels, find alternate routes and play for your high score. The 3DS remake includes a local multiplayer mode where you can see the faces of your friends on the battlefield as you shoot them down. So what differences are there in this from the N64 version? Not many to be honest, the graphics have been given a make over with high res textures and more detailed models but there is still a lot of pop up in the distance which is a disappointment. All of the audio has been rerecorded and you can now fly your star wing by tilting the 3DS if you so desire.

This game won’t convert haters of the original, but if you loved the original like we do then this is a must have purchase for your 3DS.