Top Ten Best PlayStation (PSX) Games To Buy

Following on from the success of our Dreamcast feature on it’s top ten best games to buy comes our PlayStation (PSX) guide. As with the Dreamcast it’s going to be pretty tough to choose just ten games from a library of a few thousand, so we’ll list the ten games anyone would be proud of having in their collection.

The list will obviously miss some important titles, or games that are the top of the genre, but our top ten will at least get your PlayStation games collection growing. We’ll be making our choices purely on gameplay. Why pick a game that looks beautiful but isn’t very fun? Besides some of the worst looking PlayStation games are also the best.

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 Metal Gear Solid

Let’s get this out of the way first as one of the best PlayStation games out there. If you haven’t heard of Metal Gear Solid or played it then you’re in for a huge treat. Taking it’s cue from 90’s action films, this game explored new gameplay techniques of the time such as stealth. You’ll hear a lot about how this is a stealth game but don’t be put off, you can play the whole game sneaking around making sure no one sees you and never firing a weapon. On the other hand you can go in full guns blazing but you might have a harder time this way.

You play as Solid Snake a mercenary who’s on a one man mission to stop terrorists releasing a nuclear missile. Throughout the game you’ll have radio contact with a number of people who will talk to you about what’s happening and providing back story. There is also a huge amount of cut scenes which may frustrate some gamers but others will love as they really could be from a James Bond film.

The graphics still look great today thanks to the hard work put in by the team at Konami. Even though characters look a bit basic now they ooze character and the plot twists and turns will keep you rooting for different people. The sound is also a wonder to behold from little touches such as splashes in water (which turn out to be more than just a bit of background noise) to the over the top orchestral score. The game will keep you entertained for between six and ten hours but is one huge thrill ride you’ll want to come back to time and again.

 Ridge Racer

It’s Ridge Racer…RIIIDDDDGGGEEEE RAAAACCCEEERRRRR! We’ve picked the original launch game Ridge Racer for our number two slot. The excellent Ridge Racer Type 4 shouldn’t be ignored but this is the game that started off the series and it’s one of the best.

Featuring smooth crisp graphics with hardly any popup, this game looks better than many released 5 years later. Featuring only one track (ridge city) the game sounds small, even for an arcade thrill. But the track actually has multiple routes and even a mirror mode. This really is just the arcade game put onto a disc in all honesty but it feels so pure and exhilarating we can’t really blame them. Controls are spot on and you’ll soon have blisters on your thumbs from shaving tenths of a second off your time. This really is a perfect arcade racer. If you want more check our Ridge Racer Revolutions and Rage Racer.

Finally we can’t not mention the soundtrack with thumping beats and pounding techno, it’ll really get your adrenaline moving as you powerslide round the corners of ridge city.

 Tekken 3

This is a tough one. Do we choose Tekken 1? Nah, whilst a great launch title it’s been bettered. Tekken 2? This could be considered the best but we feel Tekken 3 takes Tekken 2 and expands on it just enough to be even better. This is pure arcade fighting at it’s finest. Looking almost as good as it’s arcade brother Tekken 3 packs in a huge amount of fighters and arenas for you to do battle in.

Quick actions and memorising moves are the order of the day but every fight flows like water as the punches come flying out. Single player arcade fighters are normally just you vs the CPU. But Namco came up with the clever idea to include a range of single player modes including volleyball(!) and a streets of rage estique 2D brawler.

Get you’re mates round and you’ll be playing this well into the morning as you battle each other to the death and then the death again.

 Bishi Bashi Special

We said some of the best games are some of the worst looking and here’s a great contender for that title. Bishi Bashi Special is a collection of mini games, a bit like Wario Ware, where the idea is to complete the challenge in a short space of time. Some games last seconds, some a few seconds longer. One minute you’ll be required to mash the joypad to shake up a soda can to get it to fly into space. The next you’ll have to create burgers for hungry girls. This really is a multiplayer only game. You’ll be laughing with delight at the stupidity of it all and even more so if you win.

ATTENTION! You’ll hear that a lot as each games instructions are quickly flashed up before you play. With over 100 mini games it’ll take you a while before you exhaust them all, let alone master them. If you’re into quirky Japanese mini games, this is for you and even if you are not it makes a great after beers gaming session.

 Final Fantasy 7

If you even have a slight interest in gaming you’ll know about Final Fantasy 7. When will people shut up about a Final Fantasy 7 remake? Probably when one gets made. This is probably one of the greatest JRPGs of all time. Featuring a cyberpunk look, this brought RPGS to the west in a big way.

Cloud is an iconic character everyone should know. Your tale is on revenge but the story will take many twists and turns as you play through this 40 hour epic. You might even shed a few tears at one scene we won’t spoil for you. You’ll face many random battles as you progress through the story and whilst these can get a bit tiresome it comes with the territory. The games graphics still look great today and haven’t really aged thanks to the 2D backdrops and stylised visuals. If you have 40 hours spare, get engrossed in Final Fantasy 7 and then try the others in the series.

 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

A skateboarding game? How dull is what you’d have probably said before Tony Hawk’s came out. This game exploded on releases (not literally) thanks to it’s demo and gameplay. In each level there is a number of objectives from achieving a high score to collecting tapes. Oh and you have to do this within two minutes. This is what made the game so great. You have two minutes to do just some of these challenges, long enough to do them but just short enough to make you want to try for an even higher score.

The levels have been designed to perfection with areas of perfect lines that are great for tricking and other areas for exploring. With a wonderful pop/ska and metal soundtrack this is THE perfect Skateboarding game and captures the sport perfectly. Well that’s if you don’t count THPS2 but this came first and in some ways is better in it’s purer form.

 Gran Turismo 2

The real driving experience. Gran Turismo 2 takes the original GT with it’s awesome realistic graphics and adds even better graphics, more cars, more tracks and even more realism. GT2 still looks stunning today and really pushes the PlayStation for everything it has got. The replay mode was the stuff of legends with it’s reflections on the cars. Sure games now look a million times better, but this still has a great look and feel today.

All the cars feel different and with the ability to tweak the setup for all the gear heads out there you’ll find new ways to shave off extra seconds. This is the best racing games on the PlayStation and needs to be in your collection.

 Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot. The original PlayStation mascot. This platformer is perfect for kids and grown-ups. Featuring gorgeous graphics the original game really shows off the PlayStation for what it is. The gameplay is really just a 2D platformer with 3D graphics but it works brilliantly for the game, wether you are running into/out of the screen or from left to right.

You’ll jump your way through the levels collecting apples, fighting of enemies and getting into boss battles. The cartoon humour suits the game perfectly and is great for a family favourite.

Tomb Raider

Did you know Tomb Raider originally came out on the Sega Saturn first? Didn’t do that console much good sadly but Tomb Raider did brilliantly on the PlayStation. The original Tomb Raider is also the best. Featuring you as Lara Croft exploring tombs funnily enough as well as other ancient areas. You really have to make use of your environment to get around, looking for ledges to grab hold of and often running and hoping you’ll make the jump to the next area.

There are occasional enemies, but all being wildlife makes it all the more realistic. As much as we hate shooting bears and tigers, they started it first. The game really makes you feel you are there, exploring by yourself and with hundreds of ways to kill Lara (take that you bitch!) you’ll have just as much fun dying as you will exploring. If you enjoy the Indiana Jones films you’ll love this.

 Time Crisis

We was going to put Resident Evil 2 here but decided to go for the console exclusive Time Crisis instead. The game came packaged with the G-Con, a realistic looking light gun. Converted from the arcade original and looking almost identical this game brought all the thrills and excitment to the home. Theres not really too much to say about this game, you point the gun at the bad guys and shoot. You have the ability to duck out of the way to avoid bullets and reload but that’s about as complex as it gets. Sounds easy, but it really isn’t.

You’ll get your moneys worth with the main game but Namco even included a brand new PlayStation exclusive mission as well as a practise mode. This is one of the best light gun games ever made and ties with Virtua cop.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Grand Theft Auto – The game that started it all. The PC version is slightly better but you’ll have lots of fun in this arcade sand box.
  • Soul Edge – The prequel to Soul Calibur, one of the greatest fighting games of all time!
  • Parappa The Rapper – The game that introduced the world to rthym action games, it’s unique graphical style and catchy choons make this a must have.
  • Incredibly Crisis – Wacky japanese mini game collection wrapped up in an even crazier story.
  • Spyro – Kid and adult friendly 3D platformer staring a dragon. Great fun and looks lovely.
  • Silent Hill – Uber creepy survival horror game. Don’t play with the lights off.
  • Resident Evil 2 – Survival horror but with a bit more action and zombies. Everyone knows what Resident Evil is.
  • Wipeout 2097 – Follow up to launch game Wipeout, 2097 takes the original hover car futuristic racer and makes it even better.
  • Castlevania Symphony of the Night – 2D side scrolling explore-um-up. This should be in everyones collection.
  • Syphon Filter – 3D Action game full of bullets, bad guys and a whole lot of fun.
  • Driver – Play as an undercover cop who has to drive round completing missions. Has a movie making mode which has never been bettered.
  • Die Hard Trilogy – Three games for the price of one all based on the films. Includes driving, light gun action and 3D adventure.
  • Twisted Metal 2 – Shove some weapons on some cars and destroy everything in sight.
  • Speed Freaks: Mario Kart but for the PlayStation.