Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Gamers

Your boyfriend is a gamer and you don’t know what to get him. Your daughter loves video games and you don’t know what to buy her for christmas. Well don’t worry as the team at Casually Hardcore have put together a small gift guide to save xmas for the gamer or geek in your life with 5 awesome presents and gift ideas for gamers and geeks.

All our products are available with worldwide shipping and our shirts can be bought from as little as $15 so you have no excuse not to pick one up!

1. Saving The Princess Since 1985 T-Shirt

Super Mario Bros first launched in 1985 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The goal of the game was to rescue the princess and since then almost every single mario game has asked for you to rescue the princess from the evil bowser. If you’ve been gaming all your life, you’ve been saving the princess in not just Mario but other games for a long time. Available in men and womens styles in a huge range of colours and sizes.

2. Video Game Posters

You’ll find 10 custom Video game and geek posters exclusive to Casually Hardcore. Coming in a range of sizes from $10 with frames also available these make a great stocking filler and will be loved by any gamer in their bedroom, gaming room or their door. Grab yours now!

3. Kitty Got Wet Official Uncharted T-Shirt

Looking for Official Uncharted shirts? We’ve got them here and these designs are exclusive to us, you won’t be able to buy them anywhere else. The phrase Kitty Got Wet is a fan favourite from Uncharted 3 and now you can buy a shirt with it on. Perfect for when anything bad happens, Kitty got wet, awww. Available in men and womens styles in a huge range of colours and sizes.

4. Keep Calm and Kill Zombies T-Shirt

Perfect for you Zombie geeks out there. Don’t just keep calm and carry on. Keep calm and kill zombies. If you’re a fan of Left 4 Dead or The Walking Dead then you know in all situations you need to keep calm and just make sure you kill all of the zombies. Grab your shirt now in a huge range of sizes from Small to 4XXL.

5. 3 Hearts On A Shirt T-Shirt

Great for Zelda fans these 3 hearts on a shirt is all you start out with as Link in the Legend of Zelda. Keep your gaming hearts safe with our video game t-shirts. Available in girls and mens styles, loads of different colours, hoodies and more.

All our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee to make sure they fit correctly and are loved by the person opening your gift. We also ship worldwide cheaply so you have no excuse to make the DJ in your life very happy this christmas.