We launched Skybound on appstore

Hi all!


is a simple game, where there is a ball that you have to keep from falling down. You do this by stroking your finger over the screen to draw a line of clouds, which the ball bounces on. Get the ball the highest altitude to become the best! :)

Skybound page

skybound on youtube

Please check it out and spread the word about it.

Release my fire

So, we’ve done our very first release. What happens? Well, it has a bug that makes it exit sometimes when people synch for online scores (this bug did not appear in my last dev-version :/ ). I will release a patch during the next week, so I hope I can this sorted out ASAP

Other than that, we’ve gotten very positive feedback from those who have bought the game. This feels very good. It has always been my childhood dream to release a game. I was like eight years old when I felt like, “hey this game thing, I want to make it, not just play it”, so the feeling right now it’s very “YEEEAAAH”.

The big problem we have though, is getting people to know about the game, and to care about it. I guess I’ll be spending countless hours on forums, on the net, etc. trying to get people to know about our game and try it. Maybe we’ll try to run some weeks with a low price point to attract new people, or maybe a lite/demo version.

Being our first game, noone knows about us as a game developer at all, so the PR is hard to get rolling. Hopefully it’ll get easier. If anyone has tips, please share them with us!

One great thing with the game is that it has online highscores. Sadly, I no longer have the top highscore, but that is something I will get by playing a bit more. But really, it is amazing to see people “getting” the game, and being able to set decent scores.

This is my first post, introductions are at place

I’m havchr from Tumbleweed Interactive, a Norwegian independent game developer that’s working on iPhone and PS3 (PSN).  I started out with coding, mostly graphics stuff, but now I’m more interested in coding gameplay and game prototypes instead of just graphical effects. I describe me like this:
“Mega electronic science party with computer play at every corner and SLR sensors capturing light of life, I try to diversify my brain patterns by doing what I do, and to do things I havn’t done”

Thanks you for reading my first post on this blog about our first game that is now out in the wild!

-Havchr out-