We miss 1 Vs 100 & Similar games

1 Vs 100 is not only a hit TV show but for a short while it was available on XBLA and allowed you to participate with thousands of gamers across the globe. The game was free and set to a schedule just like a normal TV show. So at 7pm you had to be logged into the 1 Vs 100 app to play. From there you’d be joined by thousands of other games across your region all doing the same thing.

The game played exactly like the TV show, you had to answer questions and not get knocked out. 100 users were chosen to be the 100 and a single user to be the 1. Anyone not a part of that group could still join in. By getting a good score you increased your chance of getting into the 100 chosen users for the next round. By being the 1 or by being in the 100 and suriving and knocking out the 1, you got prizes which ranged from XBLA games to a car at one point.

For the first series the game was hosted live, with a live presenter providing updates as the game progressed as well as hosting adverts. It was fantastic fun for all the family and finally Microsoft had nailed the Wiis casual audience.

But sadly for us they were not making enough ad revenue from 1 Vs 100 so cancelled it after two very short seasons. Just like the TV show. The development team went on to create a poker game called Full house Poker and whilst you can play against thousands of people you can’t play for prizes and you have to buy the app. Its a huge shame as this kind of video game programming could have been huge, the audience at least was there. But sadly its not to be.