What is a hardcore gamer?

A hardcore gamer is someone who loves video games more than life itself, well almost. Hardcore gamers are also known as core gamers, these gamers may have been playing for a long time, may be on the internet discussing games or may just know a game like Street Fighter extremely well.

A hardcore gamer can often be confused with a casual gamer because there is very little separating them in a lot of ways. Most hardcore gamers will describe themselves as one, rather than someone else giving them the label. They may be older and have been playing video games since before you were born. Their main hobby is playing video games but they probably also have a family and a life outside of video games. Just because someone plays World of Warcraft every day doesn’t make them a hardcore gamer as we describe here..

But they are the gaming equivalent of a gear head or a movie fan. They read books on video games, talk about them with friends and buy all the new releases. Other hardcore gamers may not play a lot of video games but may talk and write about them a lot. They may be on message boards discussing polygons per second or talking about their favourite Mario level. Whilst they don’t have a lot of money or gaming time they soak up every bit of information about video games they can.

Other gamers may know one game well. They are addicted to Street Fighter or Modern Warfare playing them for hours at a time. They know every inch of every level, the split second timings and how to play the game at pro levels. Again this isn’t to be confused with someone who only plays one video game, these hardcore gamers love video games but spend all their time playing just one.

We here are Casually Hardcore, a phrase we invented ten years ago to describe a hardcore gamer who loves video games but is casual in doing so. They wear video game clothing but will go out clubbing. They’ll play video games but will prefer playing real football over the virtual kind. They are the popular geeks, they are casually hardcore.