What really goes on inside EA

You may have missed this the other week.

Gamsutra comments system details what really happens in EA – Click the link and start reading the comments. The whole cause of what’s being written is because EA cancelled Tiberium, the FPS C&C game. Seems like a lot of EA workers are ignoring their NDAs and bring up names of people in charge and how they messed up.

So for those of you looking to get into games, just remember, not everything is as rosey as it seems.

Here’s a choice quote on what one worker wrote on what happened inside EA

A Designer who had originally built only 1 mission on Halo was promoted by then manager John Batter, who had a hard on for Hollywoodesque big talent. John poured milliions into James Bond over Medal of Honor. This mean that less experienced personal got bigger salaries than the MOH teams. The designer “Dan Orzlak” experience on 1 mission in Halo was quickly used to calm DANJAQ’s butterflies. He was promoted to Design Director. Although very personable, he only understood Halo’s systems superficially. Why? Beause he was never a system’s designer. Boom, fast forward to the next project.

The Producer pretty boy from marketing (insert his name) and Dan came up with a game called “vertical” that never saw the light of day. Neil young then moved them to Tiberium. While Neil squashed the old guard and created his own kingdom, FEAR fell upon all those working on Tiberuim. In other words no one wanted to make a design decision.

5 years later, Dan and team had changed the weapons 5 times. Hired a myriad of clown hack jr designers, all who wanted to be the “AI designer!” Dan was let go, and in came Tim Coolidge, who left after 2 weeks.

The company tried to hire experienced designers instead they hired a couple of more less than jr designers to save the project, one was let go after 1 week (please post why) I believe they came from now soon defunct Spark Unlimited.

The new lead designer Andre Garcia was left at the helm with 1 month to save the a doomed project full of hacks. BTW Andre was probably the only real working experienced dev on the team.