Wii Mini First Leaked Picture

The guys over at popular gaming forum NeoGaf have accidentally stumbled upon the first picture of the rumoured Wii Mini. The Bestbuy.ca site has a picture promoting it for preorder. Sadly the link just goes to a generic Wii games pages but this is the first picture of the recently rumoured redesigned Wii and being on the BestBuy site available for preorder is pretty conclusive proof for us that its actually coming.

No other details are available at this time but look at the picture its possible this may be a top loading console and is a lot shorter than the current Wii. We’ll bring you more details as we find them out but we are extremely excited about this redesign. The Wii is one of our favourite consoles and whilst the Wii itself is a great looking a small console, an even smaller form factor certainly is interesting.

Source: Neogaf