Xbox E3 Summary 2011

Why click on thousands of pages when we can bring you the hi-lights from Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2011.


* 8 min Modern Warfare 3 demo shown, underwater level shown. Looks impressive. Lots of rusting cars, dead bodies, etc. Mission objective is to plant mine on sub’s rear, sub surfaces off US city coast (looks like NYC), infiltrate the sub, lighting, sound, visuals all impressive. Flash-forward to level’s cinematic set-piece end with missiles flying and your escape on a boat. Impressive set-piece with crap all over blowing up. Ends with you flying away.

* MW3 DLC first on 360!

* SledgeHammer and IW reps on stage, looks very nervous. Nov 8th (US release?)

* A wild Don Mattrick appears! Thanks fans for support, incredible time for growth, innovation and games.

* Tomb Raider Live Demo. Visually impressive, QTE to remove bone/something that stabs Lara as she escapes a cocoon type thing. Impressive lighting and sound, QTE to fight off Island inhabitant(?) who taunts Lara as she attempts to escape, clutches wound as she escapes cave, set-piece to escape cave. Escapes, battered and bruised.

* Peter Moore Appears! EA Sports! Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Madden, FIFA 12 – Kinect Enabled. Several non sports titles to feature Kinect support, Sims 3, Family Fun and more.

* Mass Effect 3 stage demo – Kinect functionality confirmed. Voice recognition functionality. Mordin doesn’t recognise Shep? WHAT! :blink: Krogan Queen(?) Krogan’s last hope. Use voice reg to control team mates and in conversation mode. Cerberus mech!

* Ghost Recon Future Warrior revealed…again. Kinect functionality confirmed! Use in gunsmith mode to take apart and put together guns. Voice commands also revealed, works surprisingly well. Use Kinect controls in game, appears to be very responsive, Future GR games to have Kinect support!

* Xbox Live. Voice control! Youtube coming to XBL! Bing coming to XBL! Live TV coming to XBL, in the US and around the World. Sky TV! (explains why Sky have changed their ToS when using Sky Player on XBL). New dash/features launch this Autumn.

* Dana White from UFC appears!

* Phil Spencer appears! Introduces Gears 3

* Cliffy B appears! Demo shown from single player, co-op demoed. Leviathan from Gears 2 is back in lambent form, “blow its brains out of its ass”. Impressive visuals, Silvegun mech’s shown, hit glowing spots for massive damage

* MEGATON – Bodycount reformed!

* Crytek game – Ryse – shown. Set in Rome. First person brawler, Kinect controlled.

* Halo CE: Anniversary – Nov 15th! Looks incredible. Multiplayer confirmed! Fully remastered campaign, co-op, remastered MP maps.

* Forza 4. Looks incredible.

* Peter Moly appears! Fable: The Journey – Kinect functionality. Demo shown, hmm. First Person viewpoint, appears to be a shooter/first person brawler of sorts, a guided experience,

* Phil Spencer reappears! Mincraft coming to 360, Kinect functionality. Disneyland Adventures Kinect, Captain Hook, Alice in Wonderland, get the coins! We’ll get you dastardly coins next time. ARGH, we missed the coins again. Fist bump!

* Star Wars Kinect – Laffo time. Voice controls, Lagtastic!

* Tim Schafer – Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster – Kinect. Stage demo. Looks good. :unsure:

* Kudo appears, sunglasses ever present! New Kinect experiences, experiments. Kinect Fun Labs announced, check out innovations, Kinect community mods, available to all XBL members, new features. Kama Sutra in the works. :unsure:, Kinect Me! Kinect finger tracking. Kinect object scanning, play with scanning objects, bring them to life, imagine the possibilities (indeed), goes live today!

* Kinect Sports: Season 2. Live demo, six new sports. Skiing, tennis, enhancing experience, voice controls, new gestures. Football and golf demoed, new gestures demoed.

* Dance Central 2. New features, voice controls, campaign mode, import songs from DC1. Simultaneous MP dancing.

* Minecraft announced, Kinect support.

* Don Mattrick, closing speech.

* Halo 4. Jet packs! Autumn 2012.

Stage Demo’s

Modern Warfare 3 – Video
Tomb Raider – Video
Mass Effect 3 – Video
Ghost Recon Future Warrior – Video
Gears of War 3 – Video
Fable: The Journey – Video
Disneyland Adventures – Video
Star Wars Kinect – Video
Sesame Street – Video
Kinect Fun Labs – Video
Kinect Sports: Season 2 – Video
Dance Central 2 – Video
Forza 4 – Video
Entertainment – Video

Announcements/Reveal Trailers/Trailers – Retail

Cloud Storage Comes to 360
Beacons coming to Live
Halo: Combat Evolved – Anniversary – Nov 15th – Info
Halo 4
Forza 4
Fable: The Journey – Kinect
Disneyland Adventure – Kinect
Star Wars Kinect
Ryse – First Person Brawler – Kinect
Ghost Recon: Future Warrior
Mass Effect 3 – Voice controls via Kinect
Dance Central 2 (Kinect)
Kinect Sports: Season 2 – Kinect
Sesame Street: Once Upon a Time – Kinect

Announcements/Reveal Trailers/Trailers – Live Arcade (K = Kinect Enabled)

Leedmees – K
Fruit Ninja Kinect
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Announcements/Reveal Trailers/Trailers – Apps/Kinect Apps

Kinect Fun Labs – Goes live today
Xbox Live Voice Search
Youtube – Autumn 2011
Bing – Autumn 2011
Live TV – Autumn 2011
Last FM Kinect

Summer of Arcade

From Dust
Fruit Ninja Kinect
Toy Soldiers: Cold War
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Thanks to ‘The Sarge’ over at Rllmukforum.