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Characters That I Demand Be In…

We nerds are a creative and inspirational bunch! We have made card games, board games, video games, table top games, dice games from the genres of fantasy to science fiction to alternative universes.Whole worlds that reach beyond the stars, sit waiting to be explored by us, their destiny changed by our own choices at our fingertips. Heroes rise and villains fall by our … [Read More...]

Sonic The Hedghog 25th…

We're a few days late but happy belated birthday Sonic The Hedgehog. To celebrate we made a long form video covering the blue blurs 25 years, looking at his most popular video games as well as how he changed the world.So whether you are a life long fan or someone who's only just come across Sonic, this video will go into detail about how Sonic first game about as well as a … [Read More...]

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