10 Great Forgotten Game Franchises

Back in the 16 Bit and 32 Bit era, many great game franchies arose. With sequel after sequel before one day disappearing never to be heard from again. We’ve picked 10 great game franchises which everyone has forgotten about. But we’re sure once you hear them, you’ll be clamouring for an update or at least to go back and play the originals.

Micro Machines

Why we want it back: Micromachines blasted onto the scene back in the 16 bit days, controlling little cars around breakfast tables, pool tables and through the garden. It was a fun little racer but really came into it’s own in 4-8 player mode. Thanks to the J-Cart on the Mega Drive/Genesis that allowed an extra two joypads to be connected and two friends being able to share a pad, it turned into utter mayhem as you pushed friends off tables edges, beat them to the edge of the screen and basically did anything to win. Micro Machines V3 on the PSone however was the daddy. Offering 3D graphics to make even more fun tracks but also the ability to pick up power ups. Grabbing the giant hammer and destroying your friends was all part of the fun. There have been other Micro Machines games within recent years, but nothing that matches the early ones.

Streets Of Rage 2Streets Of Rage

Why we want it back: One of the best, if not the best series of scrolling brawlers. If you have never played Streets of Rage, grab a friend, pick up the 2nd copy and be prepared for a few hours of fun. Smashing in the skulls of bad guy after bad guy with wonderful music playing in the background. Nothing to this day compares to the fun that was contained in the streets of rage series. Sega did plan to bring back Streets of Rage for the Dreamcast before Sega of America quickly went ‘What? We don’t remember this game that sold millions’ and quickly cancelled it. Give us Streets of Rage 4, no fancy 3D graphics, just lots of weapons and camp bad guys.

Bushido Blade

Why we want it back: Remember the demo disc with Bushido Blade on it? This strange new fighting game involving swords and honor? Unlike most fighting games, however, no time limit or health gauge is present during combat. Most hits will cause instant death, where traditional fighting games required many hits to deplete an opponents health gauge. It is possible to wound an opponent without killing them as well. This was no hack and slash, you had to time your move perfectly. Running in slashing wildly would get you killed. This little known game became huge over night, maybe it’s time for another stab at it.

Crash Bandicoot

Why we want it back: Crash has been around for years but the last good Crash game was Crash 3: Warped. Actually we also enjoyed Crash Team Racing. What we are trying to say is that the other Crash games were not Crash Bandicoot games. Where was the tight platforming action? The running away from objects into the screen? The first game was a gorgious game, we’d love to see an update of it, even if its just for the classic platforming action that Donkey Kong Returns and NSMB have proven are still popular today.

Theme Park/Theme Hospital

Why we want it back: We miss Bullfrog. Theme Park and Theme Hospital are two of the best strategy games out there. Full of humour and fun whilst being a challenge. Build your own theme park and making everyone sick by sticking a fries stand next to a roller coaster and then make everyone better in Theme Hospital by deflating their large head. Whilst we love Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, there hasn’t been a stategy game quite like the Theme series for us. We know Theme Park is coming out for iOS soon, but so far it doesn’t look very much like the classic Theme Park we still play today.

Parappa the rapperParappa The Rapper

Why we want it back: One of the first action rhythm games out there. Parapper oozed style, had great tracks and was a lot of fun to play. Shame every sequel after never managed to capture the magic of this 15 year old game. But it’s time for him to make a come back, all it needs is a few new tracks as amazing as the original ones and you’ve got yourself a fun downloadable title.


Why we want it back: Cool Boarders and SSX Tricky showed how fun snowboarding can be the same way Tony Hawk’s did for skateboards. Then came Amped. A super hardcore almost boarding on realism sim of snowboarding. Slide down huge mountains with gorgeous graphics, pulling off only a handful of tricks just like in real life. Add in over 300 unique music tracks and huge drops and you have got yourself one of the best snowboarding games out there. The controls were perfect, the levels were perfect, the music was perfect. It’s just such an amazing game that we really need another after the travesty of Amped 3. Whilst extreamly difficult it was never unfair and nailing the photo tricks just gave you a rush of joy few other games manage.

Road Rash

Why we want it back: How hard is it EA to make a Bike game with weapons. We know you’ve tried a few times but please just give us all Road Rash again. A motor bike game where the aim was to beat other bikers to the finish line and by beat we mean grabbing metal poles and chains to smash them off their bikes into other cars. Add in some online multiplayer where we can push our friends into on coming traffic and EA are surely onto a winner.

Virtua Cop

Why we want it back: Virtua Cop, the original polygon based gun game. We haven’t seen it in years, at least in arcades and especially at home. With the PSMove and Wiimote offering lots of gun shooting potential why haven’t Sega ported over Virtua Cop 3 or at least given us another. Please Sega, we want more police shooting bad guys games, just give us another virtua cop, you’re good at them!

Jet Set RadioJet Set Radio

Why we want it back: Jet Set Radio came out on the Dreamcast and took the world by storm. Actually it sold a few copies on the Dreamcast but is loved by everyone that has played it. Dashing round the streets on blades, tagging up the place, again with wonderful custom made music. It’s really a series that can go much further with its cool style and fun gameplay.


Honourable Mentions

Desert Strike
Shining Force
Guitar Hero
Power Stone