Decay – Part I review


Decay is an episodic thriller/horror adventure game. The story in Decay is very dark and the game has a very creepy atmosphere and challenging gameplay.”


– Excellent, very clever puzzles (I’m looking at you, television ninjas!)

– It’s scary. Genuinely scary

– It’s a great introduction into what I see being a wonderful series (when I’m not being so tight with my moneys anyway)

– Even after completing the game for a third time, I still found myself searching around the rooms for new and underwear-soilingly exciting new things. Trust me, I found them…



– For those expecting a little more, it might be a little too short


Graphics: 7
Sound: 8
Playability: 9
Accessibility: 9
Replayability: 7


Now, we all know that I’m a big fan of point-and-clickers, but it’s very rarely that I get to play a point-and-clicker in first-person perspective, unless it’s Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper, but I would rather wear vomit-laden Wellington boots for a week than play that failed abortion ever again. Decay – Part I, on the other hand, is fucking great! The game was released just over a year ago; I trialled it and thought the graphics were a bit poor, but enjoyed the point-and-clicking nonetheless. It wasn’t until early this month that I decided to purchase the game, following a new-found love for Indie games, thanks to The Most Addicting Sheep Game. Back to Decay – Part I, however, I’m still highly ashamed of myself for turning my nose up at it the first time around. To be fair, though, the trial didn’t have many exploration opportunities, so only the full game could make up for this. The creepy, gritty, tense atmosphere is there right from the word ‘go’ and it never disappears, even while the credits are rolling. The feeling that almost anything could happen while your guard is down never dies, which is a pretty amazing achievement for a game; it’s kinda like BioShock in that sense. However, the game is pretty damn short and can be completed in about fifteen minutes if you’re that skilled at the game. That said, the game is more of an introduction to the series (which is probably why it’s just 80MSP), as evidenced by the sexy cliffhanger ending, so it’s not a particularly negative point that the game is relatively short. I just suspect that some players may get that “Wait, is that it?” feeling at the end. Astoundingly, for such a short game, I found the replay value to be pretty good. Even after beating the game a few times, I still found myself searching for itty bitty details that I might have overlooked during the last playthrough. I don’t think I’ll stop playing the game just for curiosity any time soon.


Buy, trial or avoid?

A definite buy! Even if you’re not a fan of point-and-clickers, the gritty, tense atmosphere is a wonderful alternative to lag switchers, rubble and sandbags. I highly recommend it!


Final score: 8/10