Garnett Lee leaves 1UP and Joins GameFly

We’ve just heard that Garnett Lee of 1up fame has accepted a job as the editorial director of GameFly media. What this means for the Listen up (formerly 1up yours) podcast is still to be known. We hope it doesn’t disappear but only time will tell. Good luck for the future Garnett, im sure many of your fans will follow you too.

1UP Veteran Garnett Lee Joins Shacknews
by Chris Faylor Sep 29, 2009 7:00am CST tags: Shacknews, GameFly
Former 1UP Network editor and veteran gaming journalist Garnett Lee has been named editorial director of GameFly Media–a division of GameFly, Inc encompassing Shacknews, FileShack, Shackvideo, Ponged and Game Answers, among others.

“I am delighted to join GameFly,” said Lee. “I’ve had an amazing time at 1UP during which I’ve had the opportunity to run all the different individual elements of the content package–news, previews, reviews, video, and managing editor. Coming to GameFly gives me a chance to put everything I’ve learned together.”

A longtime Shacknews reader–“back in the day my daily read was Blue’s, Voodoo Extreme, and Shack,” he noted–Lee plans to pen a regular Shacknews column and develop a podcast alongside his broader GameFly Media responsibilities. During his time at 1UP, he handled the site’s popular “1UP Yours” and later “Listen UP” podcasts.

“Shacknews has a great community and tradition of having the community really involved in everything that goes on on the site,” Lee added. “That’s huge for me. And second, it has an editorial reputation for being down to earth–the ‘straight shooters’ if you will.”

“We are thrilled that Garnett is joining GameFly to lead the editorial strategy for our growing collection of media properties,” noted GameFly co-founder Sean Spector. “His deep domain expertise and prominent position in the industry will be instrumental in positioning the GameFly Media sites for rapid growth.”

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