How Tesco Ruined the UK Wii U Launch

How Tesco Ruined the UK Wii U Launch

Tesco are one of the largest Supermarket chains in the UK and are known all over the world with stores in places such as Japan, America and more. They are the third-largest retailer in the world in fact. But this weekend they ruined the launch of the Wii U for many of their customers. Their facebook and twitter feed are filled with customers who preordered a Wii U, were guaranteed delivery for Friday the 30th of November but did not receive a console.

Of course with a console launch this large there will always be a few orders that don’t get to their destination on time for a wide variety of reasons, poor delivery drivers, people not in, failed credit cards. This is different though because Tesco don’t actually know whats happened to the orders. They are both sent and not sent with customers left confused, uninformed and being given wildly conflicting information.

Tesco customer service have left a lot to be desired for all concerned. Until 7pm on Friday Tesco customer service were adamant all orders had been sent. They had a spreadsheet of all orders that had been sent and that was the end of the matter. But by 7pm it was quickly dawning on them and everyone following their twitter and facebook feeds that something had gone majorly wrong.

We were one of the affected orders and at 7PM despite half of their team claiming it was 100% sent another part of their team were saying they were not sure and would check it out. By 11pm they were telling us they don’t believe the orders were sent, despite their spreadsheet saying so and they would be tracking down at least 50 orders in the warehouse first thing in the morning and calling every customer to inform them of the status of their order.

By 2pm no calls had gone out so we tried to find out what had been going on ourselves. Customer Service denied all knowledge of the information that had been relayed to us the night before and stated once again the orders had all 100% been sent out, on the 30th, not the 29th. This was the beginning of a huge range of conflicting information. By 4PM we’d been told by other customer service representatives that no orders were sent, due to stock shortages they were unaware of, despite emailing customers guaranteeing them their order would arrive on the 30th.

A short while after this we got a call from customer services who wanted to clear up the situation. They only wanted to provide us with the correct information and everything they were telling us was the truth and any other information was to be ignored. We were told it was 100% sent on the 29th but they didn’t know what courier it was sent with or have a tracking number. So whilst the order was sent they don’t know where it is. However the order was not missing or lost in the post, it was still scheduled to arrive, but they didn’t know when or by who. But on Monday they would have a tracking number. Why it takes a weekend to find a tracking number we don’t know but at this point you may be correct in thinking the orders have not been sent, that’s why they had no tracking numbers and instead they were using delaying tactics.

Actually you’d probably be correct because a short while later all Tesco customers got an email stating there was a delay with their order due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’ and that the order had a dispatch estimate of 4-5 days. So the conflicting information continues with one person telling customers their order had been sent and an email saying it had not.

A quick call to customer services resulted in them denying any knowledge of an email and the order had 100% been sent. Confused? So are loads of other Tesco customers as Tesco customer support won’t escalate the matter or find the real answer. There is no time frame from when the orders will be sent, if they have not or when they will arrive if they have been sent. There is a wall of silence as to what is really going on. We’ll update this post if we here any more from tesco. Below is a huge gallery of twitter and facebook messages all wondering what is going on.


  1. i hate Tesco anyway they ruin everything , from towns to local businesses but the government wont do fuck all about it because they get a shit load of money off them

  2. Everything that has been described here is what happened to me. I spoke to tesco 4 seperate times, 2 phone calls, an email and through twitter and every time they told me that mine was shipped and would be with me shortly. Eventually on Monday night I cancelled my order and went and bought one from a local shop (not tesco).

    I will never be shopping with them again, not only is this a complete shambles but their customer service team were in denial every step of the way.

    • We did the same Chris, cancelled our order and bought it elsewhere where it was in stock and available with no fuss. All those that are still clinging on to their order, we’ve been enjoying our Wii U for a couple of days now, cancel and do the same as us.

      Also they are only offering a £10 refund on your order which doesn’t make up for the stress and hassle of everything thats happened.

      • Same here! So after sitting around the house the entire day on the 30th, I rang Tesco Direct just after 7pm and was told that deliveries were running late and that it should be with me by 10pm.

        So with no delivery at 10pm I called again and was told that the pre-orders were only sent out on the the 30th because that was release day. My blood began to boil at this stage, then she said that because they were being sent by Royal Mail, it would be delivered within 10 DAYS. I must admit I really lost the rag upon hearing that and demanded I spoke to the manager.

        Eventually they refunded me the delivery charge of £5 plus an extra £20 “good will gesture”.

        Thankfully it was delivered the next day but the overall experience was so depressing.

  3. I per-ordered my WiiU on the 29th september…and i know someone who ordered from tesco direct on the 15th november and they got theres on launch day, whereas i am still waiting!!

    I have spoke to tesco on numerous occasions, 3 times on the 30th at least, where twice they continued to tell me i was getting it today…and i recieved the email saying i would get for release date

    I got told last night that it would be here thursday, 6 days after it should have been here after i ordered it 2 months ago! I said this to them, and that it was unacceptable, and they said “well these things happen”

    Its a complete an utter joke!!

  4. Read this guys – – hopefully we can get a little more than £10 back – I had an email on Monday stating my WiiU would be with me on Wednesday the 5th, guess what? No WiiU – the customer services just wind me up as they have no tracking numbers just an email sent to them on Tuesday saying we’d get our WiiU’s on 6th – I had an email at 2am this morning saying it had been dispatched and should be with me between 3-5 days – I’ve already taken 2 days annual leave which has lost me more than what the bloody console cost!!!! AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!1111111oneone

  5. Christine wong says:

    Ordered and paid for the preorder on 17th November. Received email on 24th from Tesco confirming that despite shortages I will received the console on launch day (30th nov). Item not received on launch day, made several phone calls only to be told conflicting information ranging from “it’s been sent but we don’t know where it is” to “there’s been a stock shortage”.

    On the 3rd December, I received an email confirming that I would receive my console on the 5th December, and on the 5th december i received an email confirming despatch with an estimated delivery date of 17/11/12. so when I called today I was told it was despatched today (5th December) so despite the recent email confirming I would receive it today, the lady seemed quick to dismiss it and took little responsibility for this.

    Tescos are absolute jokers. £10 discount to be used on Tesco direct is an insult considering the fact there’s a £5 delivery charge.

    So it’s now the 6th December. Order – still not received.

    • Make sure you complain to head office. You can get much more compensation. Also check the Money Saving Expert link someone posted above in the comments as that’ll help you get a bigger refund for the failed deliveries as now you have been expected to take 3 days off.

      Don’t let Tesco fob you off by them saying they don’t expect you to be in for a delivery (how’d you get it if no ones in?) but quote what they say in that link.

      Oh and after you get compensated refund the order and head to your local game store, argos etc and buy from them. No hassle and you can be playing now.

  6. I finally received my Wii U last night…so 2 months ago i per-ordered it, and get it 6 days late!!!

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